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94+ Workplace Opening Ideas for Those Who Want to Open a Shop

Workplace Opening Ideas for Those Who Want to Open a Shop

In recent years, finding a job or working in a salaried job has become even more difficult with the current inflationary system. Starting a business or opening a shop is among the most logical moves that can be made to make money. Because when we look at Google search volumes in the last 1 year, the number of people who want to start a business has increased by 300%. As an entrepreneur who has experience in starting many businesses and trading before, I will share a list of 112+ shop opening ideas for you. If you say what shop I can open or what are the most profitable business opening ideas, you can examine all the details with profit margins.

Workplace Opening Ideas
Shop Opening Ideas

Before we move on to the list of shop opening ideas I have shared with you, I would like to draw your attention to one thing. You must realize that the commercial conjuncture is not what it used to be. Personnel costs are now higher and profit margins are quite low. The biggest reason for this is the rapid rise in foreign exchange prices, increasing inflation and the inability of production to meet consumption. For this reason, the number of personnel you will employ should be the determining factor when choosing between business opening ideas. Because many large companies are working to achieve high efficiency with less personnel.

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Table of Contents

1- Opening a Tobacco Shop

With the rise in cigarette prices and the increase in tobacco use, interest in tobacco shops has increased. If you have an acquaintance operating in this sector, you must have noticed his satisfaction in his current job. Because the profit margin of the products sold in tobacco shops varies between 50% and 200%. The average monthly earnings of such shops, which are TAPDK certified and invested in souvenirs, start from 1000 $. For detailed information about the sector, you can review the article titled Opening a Tobacco Shop.

2- Opening a Monopoly Dealer

Due to the high prices of the products sold in liquor stores, turnover figures are high. On average, the average shopping amount of each customer who comes and buys the main product is over 5 $. It is very popular among the ideas of opening a shop in areas with high alcohol consumption. Of course, it can be difficult to get a license in this sector and find a landlord who will give permission for alcohol sales. However, with a profit margin of over 20% on many products, it offers its owners the opportunity to amortize their capital in a short time.

3- Opening a Market

It is one of the ideas of opening a business that is attractive to entrepreneurs, especially during the corona periods, as grocery stores are the shops that do the best business. Grocery stores are among the shops that work the most, that is, where customer circulation is high. Those who want to open a shop do not need to have experience in the market. The only downside is the high working hours and the difficulty in counting stock. However, for those who will operate professionally, it is not difficult to open the second market and branch out. For detailed information, please see the article titled opening a market.

4- Boutique Bread Bakery

It is possible to see queues in front of bread bakeries due to the insufficient number of bakeries. The biggest reason for this is that it is difficult for bakeries to get a license. Of course, there is also a shortage of qualified personnel. Boutique bakeries, on the other hand, are businesses that receive franchises from large bread factories and offer fresh dough products at all times. Recently, they have become popular and their number has increased. In places where the number of bakeries is low, opening a boutique bakery can be a lucrative business idea for you.

5 – Opening a haberdashery

The increase in the sale of handmade products on Instagram or other channels has had a positive impact on the business of haberdashery and hobby shops. Of course, a little professional thinking is required at this point. You should try to open a shop that sells hobby materials rather than the old-style haberdashery that sells only yarn. Haberdashery is among the low-cost business ideas according to your preference. As times increase your sales, you can make your business grow.

6- Opening a Glassware Shop

Glassware is usually sold in shops called millionaires or Japanese markets. However, you have 2 options here. Either opening a millionaire-style shop and focusing on glassware products or opening a glassware shop that sells dowry products. 2 options can be a positive business idea for you. Because the profit margin of glassware products varies between 50% and 200%. The profit margin is higher for products with seasonal or model differences. For those who want to open a shop, it is advantageous in terms of both profit margin and amortizing its capital in a short time.

7- Opening a Cell Phone Store

It is possible to see a cell phone shop almost everywhere, such as grocery stores, butchers, doner shops. The reason for the high number of such shops is due to the high business potential. Because the monthly net earnings of a normal level phone shop starts from 1000 dollar. When the earnings of the sector are high, the number of people operating in this business also increases. You can make your business more specific by getting a dealership from operators. We explained all the details in the article titled opening a cell phone shop.

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8- Opening a Stationery Shop

Stationery shops are generally known for opening opposite or near schools. However, this approach is not correct today. Stationeries selling many products such as books, gifts, pens, toys, etc. can be opened on the main street or side street. Stationery, whose profit margin varies according to the product type, offers a net profit opportunity of over 600 dollar per month. However, to open a comprehensive haberdashery shop, you should consider a figure of at least 600 dollar. You can examine all the details in our article titled Opening a stationery shop.

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9- Opening a Flower Shop

Opening a Flower Shop

Where the gift culture is developed, the floristry sector takes its biggest share from this. Even if you do not have information about the sector, it will not be difficult for you to get training and open a florist shop. Of course, the mastership certificate to be requested at this stage is the difficult part of this job. Optionally, it will be easier for you to open a flower shop as a sub-dealer of a different company. Doing this job near hospitals, office centers or in high income areas will give you an advantage. For those who say what can I do in a small shop, it is among the most profitable business ideas.

10- Opening a Spot Shop

The increase in foreigners living in your country, the number of single people and the rise in goods prices have increased the demand for spot shops. The products, which are bought almost at the cost of transportation, are sold by putting at least 2-3 times the profit margin on the price. Spot shops, which will be opened in areas where students, singles or foreigners are concentrated, will make money to the entrepreneur in a short time. The important point to pay attention to here is the size of the shop.

11- Opening a Clothing Store

After food and health expenditures, it is the sector that accounts for the highest expenditure items. For those who want to open a shop, opening a clothing store is among the jobs that require experience. Yes, even though it is a retail sector, if you have not done this job before, you may be a little unfamiliar with textile concepts. In order to open a clothing store and make money, trying to become a brand on only one type of product will allow you to become a brand in a short time.

12- Opening a Dumpling Shop

We can say that the culture of having breakfast at home is about to disappear. Employees who usually go to work early in the morning or those who aim to meet this need for breakfast from outside have increased the business volume of pastry shops. The pastry sector is the businesses that open shops in the early hours of the morning and close shops at the earliest. You do not need to know how to make pastry to open a pastry shop. For this, you can go to the dealership and take advantage of the opportunities offered by corporate companies.

13- Opening a Lingerie Shop

Opening a shop on a single product will increase your branding and memorability. The underwear sector is among the sub-branches of clothing with high circulation. It is one of the most profitable businesses among the ideas of opening a workplace. Because while the profit margin in normal clothing products is up to 30%, it is possible to make over 100% profit with the right brand and product selection. To open a lingerie store, you can buy a franchise or start your own business from scratch. 3000 $ among the jobs that can be done with capital.

14- Opening a Spice Shop

They are called spice shops or herbalist shops. Recently, the demand for herbal products has increased significantly, especially during the corona period. Of course, the advice given by doctors on daytime TV has played a big role in this increase. With a low capital budget, a profit margin of up to 300% awaits you in the shops you will open on the main street or side street. Businesses that have established a customer base in this sector make a minimum profit of 1000 dollar per month. You can read the article titled Opening a Pizza Shop | What is Cost and What is Profit for Opening a Pizzeria ?

15- Opening a Delicatessen

Even though the culture of having breakfast at home is dying, it is a fact that delicatessen products are being consumed as a meal. This has increased the business of delicatessen shops. It is also one of the sectors that big markets cannot kill. Local products sold in delicatessen shops are the biggest advantage of these shops. Consumers who want to buy natural honey, cheese, cream or other products know that the best choice is a local delicatessen shop.

16- Opening a Petshop

Opening a pet shop is the most logical decision you can make if you want to get a continuous and regular customer network. The love for pets is on the rise. Of course, this does not mean that any location is suitable for opening a shop. You should prefer areas where pet owners are dense. Of course, there is also the online sales part of this business. Both shop and online sales, you can get fixed customers and earn high income.

17- Opening a Baby Clothing Store

Although purchasing power is falling, people do not cut back on spending on their children and especially their babies. This increases the sales volume of businesses selling baby products. In such products, it is usually examined whether the products are cotton or synthetic, rather than the brand. You can establish a business consisting of quality local brands and become a brand in this field.

18- Opening a Solarium

If you want to earn a fixed income and have a charismatic job, opening a solarium may be for you. Solarium centers provide services between 0,1 and 1 dollar per minute. Due to the intensity in the summer months, they work by appointment. The more devices you have, the more your income will increase according to your location. To take part in this sector, it is enough to contact the companies that sell these devices and get support.

19- Opening a Nuts Shop

Dried nuts are among the brands that dominate this sector. When you see the crowds in such shops, it is possible to understand how advantageous the sector is in terms of both turnover and profit margin. Of course, you don’t have to open a big store or a nut shop in the beginning. Instead, opening a more local, mini-market style nuts shop is important in terms of both the cost of opening a shop and learning the sector.

20- Opening a Grocery Store

People prefer to shop from grocery stores or greengrocers at the weight rate they want, rather than buying the products selected by the seller in the market. Of course, this situation varies according to the district or neighborhood you are in. However, grocery stores located on the main street and open until late hours have a high profit potential compared to other business ideas, with a high profit margin. If you want to open a greengrocer, you can go to a wholesale fruit and vegetable market and learn about the profit margin.

21- Wholesaling

When selling retail, you have to contact many customers during the day. However, the situation is a little different in wholesaling. It is possible to earn your 1-month income with only one customer. Of course, this situation varies according to the business sector you do. The high number of retail working hours makes wholesaling more advantageous in this case. If you want to take your place in this sector, you should have a network of priorities in purchasing goods from production sites.

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22- Opening a Massage Parlor

Opening a Massage Parlor

We can say that those who want to relieve the stress of work life or a tiring day take their breath in a massage parlor. Especially in the districts where the middle income group is high, the demand for companies that do this job professionally has increased. In order to open a massage parlor, you must have a responsible manager with professional qualifications in this field. It is possible to earn over 17 thousand dollar per month with an investment amount between 11 thousand and 17 thousand dollar. Of course, obtaining a municipal license to open a massage parlor and providing personnel is one of the most difficult jobs in this field.

23- Carpet Cleaning Business

Although the number of carpet washing companies is high, we can say that there is a trust problem in this sector. Because when people give their carpets to washing, the biggest problem arises in terms of cleaning and damaging the carpet. If you are known in your neighborhood and people trust you, investing in the carpet washing sector will give you the opportunity to earn high profits in a short time. Among the shop opening ideas, you will need a minimum capital of 10000 dollar to take part in this sector, the cost of which is only the service you provide.

24- Opening a Cleaning Products Shop

Regardless of the sector, operating on a single line of business will carry you above your competitors. This is especially true for shops that sell cleaning products. Because the biggest competitor of such shops is super markets or big market chains. If you want to open a shop and there is a place where you think you can do business in this sector, opening a cleaning products shop may be a logical option for you.

25- Opening a Toast Shop

Although toast is one of the most consumed products by households, it has not achieved sufficient growth in terms of business. You can follow a few famous toast shops on Twitter or Instagram to see how they do business in this sector. You can take your place in this sector by creating a menu blended with many delicatessen products. Renting a shop on the main street and corner location will allow you to do business in this sector.

26- Opening a Dry Cleaning Shop

If you want to do business and you have enough capital, you can take your place in this sector by buying a dry cleaning franchise. To open a dry cleaning shop, you do not need to have any experience. Necessary trainings are given to you by corporate companies in this regard. All you have to do is to be determined to open a shop and step into this sector, which offers a high profit opportunity among the ideas of opening a business. You can learn all the details from the article titled Opening a Dry Cleaning Shop | Cost and Profit Range

27- Opening a Sandwich Shop

Sandwich shop is an idea of opening a workplace that can give you the opportunity to franchise in a short time. It is possible to make your name known in a short time with the sandwich varieties you will make from different products. The number of both domestic and foreign companies in the sandwich field is quite low. What you need to do is to create sandwich menus and make your own advertisement with a good marketing activity. If you keep the prices affordable, be sure that there will be a queue in front of your business in the morning. You can learn all the details from the article titled Opening a Sandwich Shop | Cold Sandwich Earnings and Costs.

28- Packaging Materials Shop

It is among the ideas for opening a business with the lowest competition factor. Although the need for packaging materials is increasing, the number of shops selling such products is decreasing. The biggest problem in this business is that there is a wide variety of products and suppliers are not gathered in one place. However, this should not worry you. Since the profit margin of the products you sell is 60% and above, it will be worth the effort you spend.

29- Opening a Carpet Store

If you examine the shops where carpets are sold, the minimum rent of most of them starts from 600 dollar and goes up to 3000 dollar. The biggest reason why they can pay these high rent figures is the high turnover figures and profit margin. Yes, the price of a carpet starts from 30 dollar on average. Considering that especially newly married couples shop, it is possible for a single customer to spend as much as 300 dollar. Profit margins vary between 100% and 200%. This margin will increase even more in carpets sold as end-of-series.

30- Opening a Silversmith

Silversmith shops are among the best options for buying gifts. In such shops, not only silver but also bijouterie products of different materials can be sold. The profit margin of the by-products and the main product, silver, is quite high. The supplier network where you can buy wholesale silver products is quite extensive. To be successful and make money in this sector, you should definitely sell on Instagram.

31- Opening a Wing Shop

If these people cooked more than one type of grill instead of a single product, it would not be so easy for them to become famous. Since we are a country with a popular barbecue culture, there is no extra activity you need to do to learn how to cook wings. Only the presentation you make and the sauce you use will determine whether you will be successful or not. It is among the most delicious business ideas for those who want to open a shop.

32- Opening a Wedding Hall

If you have 15000 dollar and above capital, it is among the most profitable business ideas you can do. You can see that wedding halls are booked especially from May until the end of September. These halls, whose average wedding hall rental prices start from 300 dollar, generate 1200 dollar income by making 4 weddings only on the weekend. Of course, this situation is valid in the summer months. However, make sure that the income is maximized by taking reservations not only on weekends but also on weekdays.

33- Doing Water Treatment Business

In times of crisis, sectors that usually sell savings products begin to increase their business volume. Water purification systems, it makes sense for both the consumer and the entrepreneur. For the customer who buys a water treatment device, it looks quite profitable c ompared to buying carboy water. If you want to do water treatment business, it is possible to purchase and sell pre-installed systems. Or by going to the dealership, you can get the necessary training through companies. You can examine all the details in the article titled Doing Water Treatment Business | Open a Purifier Sales Shop.

34- Opening an Auto Expertise Shop

Between 12000 and 30000 dollar is among the best shop opening ideas for entrepreneurs who have capital and are interested in the automotive sector. After the capital investment to be made in the initial stage, your product cost will be quite low. It is possible to make a daily turnover between 300 and 600 dollar with the service you only provide. Of course, which auto expertise company you work with is very important at this stage.

35- Opening a Gift Shop

It is among the sectors that will not die like the food sector. The biggest reason for this is that the number of special days is high and gift giving is a culture in our society. Because people do not calculate the money they spend on gifts in order not to be embarrassed. Of course, you need to be like a shop that caters entirely to special occasions, not a millionaire shop. If you create a showcase for every special day, you can start doing business in a short time.

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36- Opening a Stand in the Shopping Mall

There is no need to mention the advantages of opening a stand in a shopping mall. However, the high rental figures paid are among the biggest disadvantages. For this reason, it is very important which product you sell and in which shopping mall you open a stand. It is generally possible to see perfume, pocket accessories and makeup stands. Instead of competing with businesses selling such products, you can open a stand by finding more different products.

37- Opening a Sweet Shop

With the increase in snack culture, the business potential of dessert shops has increased, as has the potential of nut shops. Of course, in order for those who enter this sector to do business, freshness and the flavor offered are very important. Of course, there is also the mastery part of this business. For this, you can choose to buy a dealership or work with an experienced master. However, the most logical option would be to get a dealership.

38- Opening a Burger Parlor

It is possible to see boutique burger shops everywhere. Especially big brands dominate the sector. Of course, this does not mean that a mid-level burger parlor will not do business. If you love burgers and believe that you can create the best flavor with the ingredients and meat you put in between, this sector may be for you. Of course, you will need to spend some time to get the flavor right and study your competitors.

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39- Establishing a Transportation Company

When you search for a transportation company on Google, you will see that many advertisements appear. Or this is also true for a different medium. The reason why shipping companies advertise so much is that both the business potential is high and the profit margin is satisfactory. You will need to obtain a number of documents to do transportation work for the city or out of town. By investing in this sector, it is possible to buy your 2nd vehicle or become a company in a short time.

40- Opening a Hardware Store

If you have enough capital, opening a hardware store is among the most profitable business ideas. Especially the products sold in the field of renovation are the most profitable product groups of hardware stores. The profit margin of such products varies between 30% and 60%. Of course, the only earnings of such shops are not the products they sell. At the same time, it is possible to encounter a hardware store that mediates for renovation works and earns up to 20% additional income. To open a hardware store and take your place in the sector, you need at least 5-6 thousand dollar capital.

41- Opening a Buffet

If you have a small shop on the street, opening a kiosk is one of the most logical options. Or you can take your place in this sector by participating in the buffet tenders opened by the municipality. Small kiosk-type shops usually generate income by selling urgently needed products. Although low-profit products such as newspapers, magazines, water and cigarettes are sold, high turnover figures enable kiosks to make at least 600 dollar profit per month.

42- Opening a Tea Center

It is among the ideas of opening a low-capital shop. Many people prefer tea shops for socializing or spending time. The profit margin of tea shops, which can be opened with an average capital of 1.7 thousand dollar, is over 500%. With affordable costs, you can rent a shop with a pre-use area and enter this business by purchasing the necessary materials.

43- Opening a Rent A Car

If you want to do business in the car rental sector, you first need to have a network. Then a strong capital. 10 years ago, you could start this sector with 2 vehicles and have the power to create a fleet. However, nowadays, there are strong players in the auto rent a car sector. To compete with these companies, you must be advantageous in terms of both price and vehicle quality. Please review our article titled “Opening a rent a car”.

44- Opening an Insurance Agency

You need a SEGEM certificate to open an insurance agency or insurance branch. You can either obtain this certificate yourself or cooperate with someone who has the certificate to open an insurance agency. Many agency owners have entered this sector by showing their technical operation personnel as a responsible manager. In the insurance sector, where the average profit margin varies between 8% and 20%, company bonuses are among the side incomes.

45- Opening a Soup Shop

Opening a shop with at least 10 soups can make you a brand in this field. Opening such a shop for people who are soup regulars will allow you to amortize your capital in a short time. If you are good with food and you are confident about it, start making a list of the soups you will serve. The most advantageous side of this sector is that the costs are low and the profit margin is high. You can examine the details in the article titled Opening a Soup Shop.

46- Opening an Antique Shop

Among the shop opening ideas, it is among the jobs that require the most experience. Antiques is a profession that starts as a hobby. There must be an area where you are an expert. This can be furniture, old money or a different field. When you acquire the right collections and bring them together with the right customer, a single sale can give you the opportunity to earn a year’s income. You can review our article titled opening an antique shop.

47- Opening a Hair Removal Center

You have surely encountered the staff of hair removal companies on the road or on the street. Aggressive marketing moves are made by such companies. They are also very flexible about price. The biggest reason for this is that their profit margin is high and their expenses are low compared to other sectors. Yes, the cost consists only of personnel and operating expenses. The epilation device purchased at the beginning offers you the opportunity to provide continuous service as a business fixture.

48- Open Copy Center

You can see queues in photocopy shops in front of universities. This situation is especially active 12 hours a day during exam periods. Although photocopy shops provide very affordable services, their profit margins are very high. Except for the photocopying device, the ink they use is their only cost. You can have the opportunity to earn high income in a short time with a photocopy shop that you will open in such schools or places where students live.

49- Establishing a Cold Storage

The biggest reason for the increase in the prices of agricultural products is that we are insufficient in storage as a country. By entering this sector and renting an air warehouse, you can earn regular income. Of course, in order to do this job, you must be in a location close to the fruit and vegetable market. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to be preferred due to transportation costs.

50- Opening a Watch Shop

Although cell phones have replaced watches, watches remain a valuable accessory. It is even possible to meet people who collect these valuable products. The profit margin of products such as watches varies between 50% and 200% on average. This rate may seem high to you, but this margin is quite normal for shops that can sell 1-2 pieces a day. If you are also interested in watches, opening a watch shop can provide you with good profits.

51- Opening a Perfume Shop

For a while, perfume shops started to open in every point as franchises. Like perfume for 0.1 $, perfume for 1 $. However, it was the shops selling quality products that survived. The main reason for opening so many perfumeries is that the production cost is very low. If you are interested in fragrances, you can open a perfumery shop or get a dealership from a corporate company. If you are considering a long-term investment, you can also produce your own brand through a contract company.

52- Buying a Cargo Dealership

You have witnessed how busy the cargoes are, especially during the pandemic period. The biggest reason for this is the high demand and the insufficient number of personnel to meet the demand. Many cargo companies have opened their branches in district centers. However, it is difficult to find a cargo branch to meet this need in dense residential locations. In order to overcome the deficiency in this area, you can agree with companies that provide cargo franchises and open a branch at the point you determine.

53- Opening an Ice Cream Shop

It is one of the indispensable products of the summer months. Opened for 6 months, ice cream shops earn 1 year of income with the income they earn in this process. Of course, provided that you open a shop that offers a delicious ice cream product. We can define it as one of the businesses with the highest profit margin among the shop opening ideas. Because more than 100% profit share is waiting for you in this product. Don’t worry about not knowing how to make ice cream. You can contact the companies that give ice cream franchise and establish your business as soon as possible.

54- Opening a Car Wash

No matter how bad the economy seems to be, I can say that the queue in front of car wash shops is not decreasing. Whenever I get my car washed, I always see that there is a queue. The biggest reason for this is that it is difficult to get a license and there are not enough car wash centers to meet the demand. You can get a dealership to meet this need. However, the most logical option would be to open a car wash from scratch.

55- Opening a Carboy Water Shop

Households either buy ready-made carboy water or use purification systems to meet their water needs. Carboy water shops, on the other hand, have a high business capacity by serving to homes and offering the opportunity to acquire continuous customers. Considering that the price of 1 carboy water is 1 $, you will have the opportunity to make high daily turnovers with the customer base to be acquired continuously. Of course, you should contact the companies that give carboy water dealership to do this job. Quality, profit margin and service should be your most important criteria in choosing a dealership.

56- Opening a Cosmetics Store

The need for cosmetic products for both women and men constitutes a huge market. You may have seen the business volume of brands such as Gratis and Watsons, which deal only in cosmetics. However, these big stores are usually located in shopping malls or district centers. You can create your own business and brand and enter this sector. There are many companies selling wholesale products in the field of cosmetics. You can also make a big increase in your turnover by selling on Instagram.

57- Opening a Bijouterie Shop

We can say that the interest in jewelry and bijouterie products will never end. Different designs are introduced by big companies every year. Even advertisements are made for them in TV series. It is not difficult to get your share of the cake in this sector with a profit margin of over 100%. Especially businesses that sell both in the shop and online earn high profits. To invest in this business, you can contact suppliers and determine what kind of combination you will create.

58- Opening a Pancake Shop

Pancakes are among the most consumed products especially at breakfasts and local places. The average price of 1 pancake varies between 0.3 $ and 1 $. The material you put in the pancake is the important factor that determines the price. For entrepreneurs who want to open a shop, this flavor offers the idea of opening a shop with little competition. The reason is that the number of shops opened only on pancakes is almost negligible.

59- Opening a Breakfast Parlor

Breakfast is the meal that people value most. After a long period of hunger, they want to be rewarded. Businesses are usually built around lunch. Businesses based on breakfast, on the other hand, only appear to be pastry shops, toast shops and shops selling sandwiches. However, those who open a shop, benefit from the income advantage provided by the sector. The monthly income of a breakfast room with a minimum daily turnover of 55 $ is at least 1000 $. In order to take your place in this sector, which offers the opportunity to earn high income, opening a breakfast room will be one of the most logical decisions you can make.

60- Opening a Jewelry Store

Jewelry products are among the most trusted investment products by people. Of course, it is not only used as an investment tool, but also as a means of jewelry gifted at weddings. The main profit in this sector consists of both the income from the release and the income from products such as bracelets, earrings and necklaces with craftsmanship. Many jewelry stores put imitation jewelry in the showcase and enter this sector with minimum cost. It is among the most charismatic jobs among the ideas of opening a workplace.

61- Opening a Hijab Clothing Store

Rather than having multiple product types, selling products specific to the audience will make it easier for you to make a name for yourself. Opening a shop with special products for the hijab clothing shopping audience can offer a high earning opportunity. Of course, rather than taking the franchise of a brand, you need to create your own product group. For this, you can go to textile centers and start the first step of opening a shop by choosing the product.

62- Opening a Tourism Agency

Tourism is a major source of income for the a lot of country’s economy. Especially our provinces in the south are flooded with tourists from all over the world. Of course, tourism agencies target not only foreign tourists but also domestic tourists. Among the works carried out, there are activities such as organizing tourism organizations, selling tours, organizing events and mediating sales.

63- Opening a Playstation Cafe

It is among the cost-effective limited areas where time can be spent. Playstation halls operate with only electricity and personnel costs, apart from the fixture costs spent in the start-up phase. This means that a large part of the daily turnover is profit. It is possible to open a playstation hall with 10 screens and Playstation devices that can be purchased in the initial stage. Since your devices are new, it will be quite fast to establish a customer base.

64- Opening a Gym

Due to the increase in obesity and the fact that it is also known as a socializing area, interest in gyms has increased. We can say that the market is controlled, especially by big brands. So how can you compete with the big brands? Personalized gyms are the biggest solution in this field. By opening gyms exclusively for women or men, you can put yourself in a different category and create your own audience. Of course, we can say that the minimum capital you need to open a gym is at least 10000 dollar.

65- Opening a Bill Payment Center

It is a workplace opening idea that has been researched for many years by people who want to open a shop. Yes, although bills can be paid on the internet, such places still continue to do business. The reason is that not only bill payment, but also many transactions such as subscription, application transactions, etc. can be done. To open a bill payment center, you need to get a franchise. Entering this business individually can be quite difficult due to the need for software and the need for an agreement.

66- Opening a Bookstore

Most book shopping is done online or through big box stores. The biggest reason for this is the declining number of local shops. Of course, there is also competition. However, local shops, especially those selling test books, educational books and stationery, remain active. With a profit margin of over 30% in the sector and the minimum priced product starting from 1.5 dollar, it offers a high profit opportunity. You can get information on the article titled Opening a bookstore.

67- Opening a Toy Store

Since the toy sector caters to children, it is one of the last sectors to be affected by the crisis. Families or parents who will buy a gift for a child usually want the best in this regard. For the entrepreneur, opening a shop in the field of toys is among the most profitable shop opening ideas. This sector, which leaves an average profit share of 40% or more, is also ideal for selling online. Because it is among the sectors with the least competition on the internet.

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68- Organic Products Store

The increase in factory-made products and the use of artificially produced chemicals in these products has increased the interest in organic products. Such products make a positive contribution to living healthy and taking care of our physical health. If you can establish a supply network in the field of organic products, you can open a shop or wholesale in this field. Among the ideas of opening a business, the supply part is difficult, but it takes its place as a very advantageous business in terms of income.

69- Opening a Hostel

The demand for hostels from Europe and other countries of the world is quite high. By placing 8 bunk beds in a room, people are provided to stay together. Service is provided for an average of 10 Euros per person. The best part of this business is that it offers holidaymakers and business owners the opportunity to socialize. In order to operate in this area, you need a license. This will take you a little effort. For details, read the article titled Opening a Hostel.

70- Self Service Car Wash

Self-service car washes offer the opportunity to earn maximum income with minimum personnel costs. Those who want to open a shop are hesitant at the beginning due to personnel costs. Self-service devices, on the other hand, have the principle of working with coins to be thrown into the system. With the installation of these systems, which you can see especially at gas stations, in a separate area, there will be an opportunity to generate high income.

71- Opening an Insect Spraying Center

It is among the companies that do the most business in the summer months. In order to combat pests, it is absolutely necessary to make an agreement with a professional company. Insect spraying companies charge a minimum of 15 dollar for their service. Of course, this fee may increase even more, based on the increase in square meters and working hours. These companies, which do not have any expenses other than personnel and drug costs, offer a high profit margin. In order to enter the sector, you must fulfill the conditions set by the provincial health directorate.

72- Opening a Cupping Center

Alternative medicine treatments are supported by the Ministry of Health. However, certain criteria must be met in order to open centers where these treatments are performed. For example; there must be a doctor as the responsible manager and these procedures must be performed by a cupping specialist who is a graduate of the health department. If you want to operate in this field and do cupping business, you can amortize your investment amount in a short time. Because in our society, alternative medicine products are more preferred than modern medicine.

73- Opening a Beauty Salon

Opening a beauty salon is among the ideas of opening a business with the highest profit margin. For all the procedures performed in the beauty salon, the profit margin is high. The biggest reason for this situation is that the demand is high, but the number of quality businesses serving in this field is low. It is possible to provide quality service with the high investment amount you will make. Of course, allocating a large part of the capital amount to specialized personnel will be the biggest factor in your success.

74- Opening a Shoe Store

It is among the most basic necessities. To open a shoe shop, you do not need to be experienced in the sector or have done this business before. The important part is that your supplier network is wide. The large number of manufacturers offers you a wide choice. What you need to decide in this area is which audience you will appeal to. If you want to open a special shop for women, this may be the best option for you. Because women prefer to buy shoes or slippers style products through online sites. You can reach high turnover figures by selling products both through the shop and through instagram.

75- Opening a Pocket Accessory Shop

To open a cell phone shop, you need to understand the technical service or the operation of this business. However, this is not the case for opening a cell phone accessory shop. You can earn at least 600 dollar per month by selling accessory products such as cell phone cases, grips, unbreakable glass, sound bombs. All you have to do is to have the accessory group of all products from A to Z. You can also increase your sales by opening an account in the marketplaces and selling printed products.

76- Establishing a Software Company

If you have no knowledge in this field, it is a line of business that you cannot do. However, if you can dominate the sector and employ staff, high business potential awaits you. Especially in recent years, increasing digitalization has increased the need for software companies. With many software developers migrating abroad, we can say that we unfortunately have difficulty in meeting the increasing need. You can take advantage of this situation and establish a software company and get the opportunity to provide services at $ 100 per hour.

77- Opening a Waffle Shop

We can say that the waffle and bakery sector is almost the same. The only difference is that it is not possible to sell waffle-style products in every neighborhood. The fact that it is both foreign to our culture and that there are many alternatives other than waffles makes it difficult to do business. If you want to make money by opening a waffle shop, you should open a shop in areas with high pedestrian circulation. Because where there are few crowds of people, the number of customers will also be limited.

78- Opening a Tourist Goods Store

Buying goods from tourist attractions is the biggest contribution of tourists to the people of the region. Since the purchasing power of the local people has decreased, doing a business that appeals to tourists is among the best business ideas. Of course, for this, you should rent a shop in locations frequented by tourists. Of course, your job does not end with just renting a shop. Rather than selling the same style souvenirs, you should have different styles of products in your business. After all, you will not be the only business selling tourist goods.

79- Opening a Model Agency

Hosts and hostesses who take part in fairs, events, openings or different organizations are employed through agencies. Agencies that do this kind of work provide models for a certain fee. To get into this business, you should create a portfolio in terms of both customers and models. You can do this by opening a website on Google or by making an agreement with companies.

80- Renting a Stall in the Market

It is among the best business ideas for those who want to open a shop with low capital. In the market, you will encounter the masses who come only to shop. You are offered the opportunity to convince this audience and make sales. Which product you will sell here is very important. Although it is usually dominated by food products, it is very important to generate income by selling non-food products. The biggest reason for this is that you compete with food. You can provide a solution in this regard by selling unusual products.

81- Opening a Restaurant

In the food sector, I talked about the advantages of serving on a single business in all items. The restaurant sector, on the other hand, is a business that has its own special menu and usually generates its main income by serving lunch and dinner. If you want to open a restaurant, the flavors you offer on the menu should be varied. By examining the branded businesses in this field, you can investigate the variety of products you can offer.

82- Opening a Hookah Cafe

Opening a Hookah-shisha Cafe

Hookah cafes have been popular a long time. However, interest in such products has increased even more. Especially foreigners are concentrated in hookah cafes. If you want to take the opportunity in this area and open a hookah cafe, you must first find a shop with an open area where you can get a license. Of course, choosing regions with high customer potential will be your biggest advantage.

83- Opening a Vitamin Bar

Although vitamin bar businesses do not have the old popularity, they are still in demand in places with high human circulation. We can say that the demand is higher especially in touristic areas. To open a vitamin bar, you need very little inventory. Even with just a take a way style business, you can enter this business. The profit margin of over 100% ensures that half of the turnover is net profit.

84- Establishing a Child Play Center

Nowadays, to entertain children, you need to take them either to the park or to the children’s play centers in shopping malls. Because it is not possible to see children playing outside like before. Accordingly, children’s play centers have moved out of shopping malls. With toys in 200 m² shops, service is provided with options such as half an hour, 1 hour. There are many entrepreneurs who have started to serve in this field and have grown their business in a short time.

85- Opening a Pizzeria Shop

Opening a Pizza shop is an exciting business venture. It is a lot of hard work but if you are willing to put in the hard work, it is well worth the effort. If you really want to succeed in this venture, you need to know what to do and what not to do. Ffrom setting up the business structure, to finding equipment, to developing the menu and the decor, this book will teach you everything you need to know about starting a pizza shop. If you are interested in you can read our detailed article titled: Opening a Pizza Shop | What is Cost and What is Profit for Opening a Pizzeria ?

86- Establishing a Diet Kitchen

Serving a specific audience will protect you from competition. With so many people wanting to open a shop, you need to be careful about competition. Diet kitchen, on the other hand, only offers products to people who want to lose weight or keep fit. These products consist of low-calorie foods. Many businesses that act with this point of view have managed to grow successfully in the market. It is the most original idea among the ideas of opening a workplace.

87- Opening an Artisan Restaurant

More local businesses in the Balkan restaurant style are becoming popular. Yes, it may be difficult to make a variety of products from A to Z like a Balkan restaurant. However, it will not be difficult to open a self-service restaurant with 15 types of food per day. Choosing areas where businesses are dense increases your chances of success. For details, you can review the article titled opening a restaurant.

88- Opening a Millionaire Shop

They are shops where 1001 kinds of products are sold, known as Japanese markets or millionaires. Today, they are known as the shops that do the most business after grocery stores. The reason is that it is possible to find all kinds of goods and equipment you are looking for. Of course, the cost of opening such a shop starts from a minimum of 15-17 thousand dollar.

89- Opening a Butcher Shop

To open a butcher shop, you need to come from within this profession or invest heavily and work with masters. However, it is always more logical to do what you know. It is a fact that intense customer circulation awaits those who want to open a shop in this sector. Because many customers do not trust the products in the markets as much as in the butchers. This is the biggest reason why butcher shops have a high business potential.

90- Opening a Furniture Store

Whether you want to buy spot furniture or open a furniture store selling brand-name products. As the population grows more and more, the demand for such consumer durables increases. The kind of products you sell will be determined by the amount of capital you have to invest and the competition around you. However, you should know that budget-friendly products are more popular.

91- Daily House Rental Service

The demand for daily house rental is always increasing. However, the number of businesses with the necessary legal permits in this field is quite low. In order to provide daily house rental services, you need to be a corporate taxpayer in this field. By agreeing with an accountant, you can become a taxpayer and start the daily house rental business. Of course, municipal license etc. necessary documents are a must.

92- Operate a Canteen

The canteens of schools or classrooms always have the potential to generate high revenues. Such places are put up for sale by tender or by transfer. If you believe that you can serve in this field, you can follow the tenders of schools or different institutions. The working hours of such businesses are usually the same as the hours of the institutions. This can give you an advantage in terms of working hours.

93- Establish a Consulting Firm

You can establish a consultancy firm on a subject you have knowledge about. For example; obtaining visas, citizenship, establishing an association, etc. You can provide this service and establish a consulting company. The income of consulting companies varies according to the size of the work they do.

94- Opening a Diet Market

We shared with you the idea of opening a diet market for those who want to open a shop. There is hardly a market where only diet products are sold. We can even say that there is no corporate brand in this field. By opening a market where all diet products are sold together, you can get the opportunity to franchise in a short time. For more detailed information, the article titled opening a market will be a good guide for you.

We have come to the end of our article titled “94+ Workplace opening ideas for those who say I want to open a shop.

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