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Opening a Dry Cleaning Shop | Cost and Profit Range

Opening a Dry Cleaning Shop

If you do not have any knowledge and experience in the dry cleaning sector, it is very difficult for you to do this job at the beginning. However, taking a dry cleaning franchise or taking over a shop will make it easier for you to get into this business. Of course, it is not difficult to get the necessary training to open a dry cleaning shop from scratch. The main issue you should pay attention to should be market research. While dry cleaning shops do well in some districts, the demand for laundry shops is higher in some others. both of them have high profit margins. In this article, we will give all the details about the cost, earnings and franchise for those who want to open a dry cleaning.

Opening a Dry Cleaning Shop

If you want to open a dry cleaning shop, you have 2 options in front of you. Either you will get a dealership, or you will get a detailed training on this subject and open a shop from scratch. Actually, the training phase is not difficult. You can learn all the subtleties about this business in maximum 2 weeks. However, the issue is who will give you this training. For example; If you open the dry cleaning dealership page, they tell you that they will give you training on many subjects such as stain removal, machine usage, technical service, ironing techniques and dress acceptance. Yes, even ironing may seem simple to you. However, it is not easy to use and operate industrial machines. This is why training is important.

If you do not want to be tied to any franchise company, you can take over a ready-made shop and learn the necessary information from the owner. You can see dry cleaning shops on related sites. Here, too, it is possible to encounter problems such as old machines and lack of customers. In summary, the issue converges around 2 options, either opening a laundry shop or buying a dry cleaning franchise. Now let’s move on to how to open a dry cleaning shop.

Opening a Dry Cleaning Shop

opening a dry cleaning shop

Before stepping into this sector, you should determine how much capital you can allocate. If you have enough capital to get a dealership, start this business as a dealer. This is the shortest way to find out if you can do business. Moreover, the trainings you will receive and learning the business will be extra. If you do not have enough capital, that is, if it is not possible to get a dealership, all the work falls on you.

It is difficult but not impossible to learn information such as stain removal, dry cleaning opening over the internet. There are domestic and foreign Youtube videos on this subject. However, instead of opening a dry cleaning shop, you can also consider the idea of opening a laundry. Why?

The number of working single people has increased. These people prefer to give their clothes to a laundromat instead of washing, drying and ironing at home. Especially in places where the number of singles, employees and students is high, such shops have difficulty in growing business. Of course, they not only serve as a laundry, but also provide dry cleaning services.

Since you do not have knowledge about the sector, it would be more logical to start by opening a laundry instead of opening a dry cleaning shop. After all, you will also use the industrial washing machines and dryers you will buy for dry cleaning. We can say that the caravan is straightened on the road is valid for this sector. At this stage, you can start to gain experience in stain removal, suit cleaning, coat and coat cleaning.

As your business gets better, you can buy quilt and blanket washing machines, steam cleaners and giant dry cleaning machines. Because it would be risky to step into this sector without knowing how your business will go in the beginning. When you do research on dry cleaning machines, you can even see machines sold for 25 thousand Euros.

Take a look at online sites about buying a dry cleaning shop. There are also sold for 4000 $, in the shop transferred for 110 $. Of course, these shops have a high quality machine park with established business potential. The biggest reason for the high prices of these prices, besides doing business, is due to the high price of dry cleaning machines.

Now let’s explain all the stages for those who want to open a dry cleaning shop from scratch.

How to Open a Dry Cleaning Shop

  • Decide how much capital to allocate. The amount of capital you will allocate will determine the location of the business, the business model, the machines to be purchased and the size of the business. If you have high capital figures, we recommend you to buy a dealership at the point you determine. Your risk rate will be reduced in this way.
  • Start the business plan, roadmap and market research phase. Write down in detail how you will do this business, your goals and how you will proceed. Also note down your forward-looking plans, such as your goals for 1 year from now and 5 years from now.
  • Start looking for a business location. The location where you will open a shop should be where middle class and above people live. Dry cleaning service is considered expensive. It is not like opening a laundry. The price of having a coat cleaned starts from 5 $. Choose neighborhoods where people can pay for such figures.
  • Apply for a tax plate and license after renting a business. You can issue the tax plate in 2 days by agreeing with the accountant. It may take up to 2 weeks to get a license.
  • After completing all these steps, start remodeling and machine purchases. Invoice yourself for all the fixtures you need. Since you are in the service sector, you will be subject to high taxes. You should deduct such costs from your tax.
  • Your business is now ready to open. You can open with balloon decorations and flowers at the beginning stage. You can let people know by offering special discounted prices for the first month. You can do marketing activities by distributing internet advertisements and brochures.

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Dry Cleaning Opening Costs

The cost of opening a fully equipped dry cleaning shop starts from at least 11000 $. There is no upper limit to the cost, you can even increase it to 55000 $. Of course, if you want to open a laundry, it is possible to reduce this cost to 3000 $. The reason why the cost of opening a normal dry cleaning is high is entirely related to the price of the machines.

Zero Quilt Washing Machine Price : 1500 dollar and above

Zero Dry Cleaning Machine Price : 6000 dollar and above

Ironing and Other Machines: Over 3000 dollar

It is normal for opening costs to be high in a sector where machine costs are so high. Of course, apart from the shop cost you pay for the machines, you can write every sale you will make in the business as gross profit. When you deduct the operating costs, the net profit figure will appear.

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Dry Cleaning Profit Margin and Earnings

In the dry cleaning sector, where machine costs are high, every sale you make will be your gross profit. When you subtract the cost of business rent, energy and cleaning solutions from your daily turnover figure, your net profit will emerge. This represents a figure of 70%. A business with a daily turnover of 55 $ will have an average net profit of 40 $.

These figures can go even lower according to your costs. However, in order to increase your earnings, all you need to do is to increase the turnover figures. For this, advertising on the internet, taking clothes from home with the service will increase your business potential.

Before obtaining the documents, go to the license affairs directorate of the district municipality where you are located. Each municipality may have different requirements. They will give the most accurate information on this subject.

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open a laundry

Recommendations for Those Who Want to Open a Dry Cleaning Shop

  • If you do not have enough information about the sector, you should definitely try to buy a franchise or open a laundry.
  • Opening a dry cleaning shop is a business idea that requires high capital. Do market research for this.
  • It is advantageous to operate in areas where there are sites in this sector. Determine a point where there is no competition.
  • Make use of brochures, internet ads and different advertising donations.
  • Home service is a must. In this way, your business will increase even more.
  • If you employ staff, you need to pay attention to their training.
  • You need to be transparent about prices. For this reason, hang the price list on the business wall.

We have come to the end of the article titled “Opening a dry cleaning shop, the cost of opening a dry cleaning”.

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