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Opening a Sandwich Shop | Cold Sandwich Earnings and Costs

There are those who open a sandwich shop and make money, and those who have to close it down in a short time. So which one do you want to be? First of all, you don’t need to have any experience to open a sandwich shop. In this respect, it is a very advantageous business. Of course, this is not the only advantageous point. We can count many more positive aspects such as profit margin, business sitting time, short working hours. If you open a sandwich shop where you can provide a systematic workflow, you can be sure that you will make money from this business. I have researched many shops that do business and make money for you. Now let’s give detailed information about opening a sandwich shop, the cost and earnings of opening a sandwich shop.

Opening a Sandwich Shop

If you want to make money doing this, you need to get a shop that is on the route to the workplaces. If you are thinking of selling sandwiches in a car, forget it. It is very difficult to get a mobile sales vehicle license from the municipality. Also, if you want to become a brand in this sector, you need to open a shop. Set up a shop in a location where businesses are dense. Provided that there is pedestrian circulation. Opening a sandwich shop in such a spot will most likely make you money. Of course, this is not all you need to do.

We visit many sandwich shops and got an impression of all of them, but unfortunately, many of them do not proceed in a professional manner in order to branch out and franchise. For example; I believe that the sandwich shops that will do the best business are the buffet style ones. Yes, there are sandwich shops that do business in this way. But because there is a line in the morning, the customer has to decide quickly which one they want. It is also not clear what the pricing is based on. A cold sandwich with 6 pieces of ingredients is the same price as one with 10 pieces. Unfortunately, there are hardly any shops that have created this system. Now let’s examine all the details for those who want to open a sandwich shop.

Opening a Sandwich Shop

Open a Sandwich Shop

We have told you the main problems of sandwich shops, but there are still shops with queues at the door. But be sure that it is very difficult for those businesses to branch out. Of course, there are good ones. They have succeeded in franchising and have become a corporate company.

Of course, it is very difficult to open in areas with dense workplaces and do business. Because if you look at the website, you can see that the minimum prices start from 2 $. It is very difficult to sell sandwiches at these prices to someone who goes to work in the morning.

If you want to open a sandwich shop, you have to find a way to systematize this business. Yes, you should have at least 40 kinds of sandwich ingredients in front of you, such as salami, sausage, sausage, eggs, cheese varieties, cheddar, bacon, butter and chocolate. If you ask the customer what to buy, it takes at least 5 minutes. Customers are indecisive. When you ask a hungry person what they want in the morning, they may ask you to put 40 different breakfast products in the bread.

You should offer your customers a choice. Or you should make it easier to choose. For example; you should offer ready-made products such as sweet sandwich, salty sandwich, menu with cheese or menu with plenty of salami. You can also give the customer a brochure and ask them to mark what they want. The important part here is how you set the pricing. The customer should know what they are paying for. To do this, have the price they will pay per addition on each of the 40 types of products. You should create options such as 3 slices of salami 0.5 $, 2 slices of cheddar 0.6 $, 1 slice of bacon 0.7 $. In this way, customers who make a choice will be clearer and will not be undecided about what they want.

Many sandwich shops work in the form of come-and-go. The number of sandwich shops that do business with a seating arrangement within the business is small. This is because of the extremely busy hours. If you want to sell soft drinks, you can create a seating arrangement. Of course, you will need to employ extra staff for this tea or different drinks. Considering that the staff cost is at least 300 $, the self-service option will be more profitable. Opening a sandwich shop with a minimum number of staff should be your first goal. Because business rent and personnel expenses can be the biggest obstacle to your profit.

How to Open a Sandwich Shop

How to Open a Sandwich Shop
  • In many business capital is important in the business you will open. I said that especially those who want to open a toast shop should pay attention to the decor to do business. However, things are different for opening a sandwich shop. Here, the size of the sandwich shop is more or less clear. So you don’t need to allocate a lot of capital at the beginning.
  • You need to create a business plan and a roadmap. If you say, “I’ll buy the sandwich products and we’ll decide what to do after we open the shop,” it won’t work. Before you spend any capital, you should plan what kind of business you will do, the menus you will create, the product group. Write down everything that needs to be done at this stage without skipping.
  • Now you are ready to rent a shop. It is not easy to find a shop where there are business transit routes. However, it is not impossible. For this business, a 20 m² shop will be enough for you. As soon as you find such a shop on the main street with signage value, you can rent it.
  • Before you make any purchase, get a tax certificate. It is enough to agree with an accountant for this. The accountant will inform you of the necessary documents to be done and received at this stage.
  • You are ready to make renovations and fixtures. While remodeling, make sure that customers can easily enter and exit the shop. Make the fixtures you will buy specially according to the products you will put.
  • Prepare all your products before the day you will open the shop. Now you are ready to open. On the first day, you can put a stand in front of the business and distribute brochures or tasting products. This will quickly get your business established.
  • The next stage will vary according to the price policy and the advertisements you will make. Provided that the taste and quality of the sandwiches you make are good.

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Cost of Opening a Sandwich Shop

The cost of opening a 20 m² sandwich shop varies between 1700 $ and 4000 $. The biggest factor in increasing this cost is the cost of workplace advertising materials and renovation. If you want the upper limit, it is possible to make even 6000 $. Of course, it would not make sense to spend a high price at the beginning.

There are tradesmen who have opened a bagel palace by selling sandwiches in the car. To grow, you first need to wait for your current business to catch on. You should grow by opening a sandwich shop with the minimum capital. As long as your business is doing well, you can increase the capital upper limit step by step. Buying a motorcycle to serve homes and hiring takeaway staff should be the first expenditure you should make during the business expansion phase.

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How Much Does a Sandwich Shop Earn

How much the sandwich shop will earn depends on the price policy you will apply and the daily turnover figures. In order to say that you are making money from this sector, you should set prices so that you can earn at least 100%. Of course, you should also consider the purchasing power of the customers around you. Selling a sandwich for 1 $ may be absurd according to your region.

The reason for the rapid growth of sectors in this field is due to the growth in the fastfood sector. If the same investments are made in the sandwich shop, it will also get its share of this growth. Provided that prices are kept affordable. Another reason why sandwich-style products are popular is that they are affordable.

As long as you offer price options to your customers, you will be the winner. You should offer a sandwich for 0.5 $ or 1 $. The choice here should belong to the customer.
Before obtaining documents, go to the licensing office of your municipality. These business opening documents may be different for each municipality. You can get the most accurate list from your municipality.

Recommendations for those who will open a sandwich shop

  • It is very important that your business is fast and systematic. To sell sandwiches between 0.3 $ – 0.5 $ and make money, you have to make everything work quickly.
  • It is very important to advertise your business window. You prevent people from eating pastry and toast and recommend sandwiches. You have to advertise this well.
  • If you have professional goals, you should definitely go and examine your competitors in this sector. Think about what they do well and apply it to your own business.

We have come to the end of our article titled “ Opening a Sandwich Shop, Sandwich shop opening cost and profit

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