What is Internet Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship, in its most basic definition, means establishing a new business in order to make a profit and taking the risks in question in this process. At this point, we can say that being a successful entrepreneur is not an easy thing.

In addition to these, innovation and risk management (taking risks) are subjects at the core of entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur must have these basic features in order to be successful in rapidly changing and highly competitive market conditions. Many large economies survive thanks to the small and medium-sized businesses established by entrepreneurs, we have to mention this. In other words, it is not possible to overlook the added value and employment created by entrepreneurs.

Who is an Internet Entrepreneur?

In Wikipedia, an internet entrepreneur is defined as “a person who establishes an internet-based company, offers services/products through this internet-based company, earns money, and takes risks”. In other words, an internet entrepreneur starts a business over the internet, as the name suggests, and the entrepreneur we know in the classical sense is not web-based, even if he benefits from the benefits of the internet.

Benefits of Internet Entrepreneurship

The Internet now takes up a large part of our lives. So you can start any kind of business you want online. In other words, the internet is not limited to buying and selling second-hand goods as in the past. Also, you don’t need to set up huge companies like Google or Facebook to be an internet entrepreneur. There are countless ways to make money online. The important thing is to determine a specific area and to start working by preparing a business plan for this area.

You can do business related to the subjects you love online. So it’s like this: When you work as a 9-5 employee in a company, you serve the purposes of the boss. But when you become an internet entrepreneur, you become your own boss. You earn money by doing what you love and manage your time as you wish. You can work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. It could be your bed, it could be a Starbucks in Barcelona.

When you work as a salaried place, your salary is certain. However, when you do your own business as an internet entrepreneur, the more you work, the more you earn. Your earnings depend on your business model and hard work.

Since your business is internet-based, you determine your working hours. However, if you have US customers, for example, you may have to work at night due to the time difference.

What You Need to Know to Become an Internet Entrepreneur

Of course, we really cannot ignore the benefits of being an internet entrepreneur. However, in order to access these benefits, first of all, it is necessary to be a successful, money-making internet entrepreneur. There are many people who call themselves web entrepreneurs after opening such a website, but “It’s a job, no words.”

It is very easy to give up once in internet entrepreneurship. If you want short-term development, enrichment and success, internet entrepreneurship may not be for you. Perseverance, hard work and dedication are essential for this job. As Steve Jobs said, the main thing that separates successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is perseverance.

If we compare your venture to an airplane, your business model determines what route this airplane will take. The plane may or may not follow the route you planned before departure. However, having a certain business model shows how much fuel you, your crew and passengers will have to burn to reach the destination. If you don’t have a clear plan and business model, that plane will most likely crash. Keep this concept in mind when starting an internet-based business. It is very difficult to achieve your dreams without determining why your business exists, what purpose it has, its mission and vision, and business model. In addition to all these, you should be flexible throughout the process and allow your business model to evolve and change in the rapidly changing internet world. Customer interests and needs may change. For this reason, you should regularly review your own work and make it responsive to customer needs. In other words, making the necessary adaptations in line with the needs of your target customer group is vital for your survival and success.

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