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Money Making Sites 2023 – Earn From Where You Sit

Money Making Sites

It goes without saying that the internet is a boon for generating income. But you need to focus on the right channels to take advantage of this blessing. When you look at Google search volumes, you can see that hundreds of people search for money-making sites every day. Of course, just doing research will not help you find reliable and real money-making sites. As an internet entrepreneur, I will list the sites that will allow you to make money folding money or making money from where you sit.

Money Making Sites

First of all, I would like to tell you why it is not enough to just do research. Many sites are unfortunately like copies of foreign money making sites. So sites that earn dollars in America. You should prefer tried and tested methods to reach the right result and make money from the website. For 20 years, as an entrepreneur who specializes in making money online.

You should be determined to educate yourself for many of the ideas on the list of money-making sites. Because no site will offer you easy money or fast earning opportunities. You should take your time and give yourself time to learn. If you want to get rich or make money in one day, you are at the wrong address.

Money Making Sites

With the sites below, there are those who earn 55 $ per month and those who earn 6000 $. It is your preferences that will determine how much you will earn. If you want to earn income without investing money, survey sites, ad watch make money sites or task make money applications can help you in this regard. However, if you do not earn high income, you should definitely invest in your business and yourself. Now the list of money-making sites is with you.


If you are doing research on dollar-earning sites, is the perfect place to start. It is usually used by digital service providers. If you have logo design, software and some digital competencies, you can get jobs starting from minimum 20 USD per hour. If you don’t have any experience and competence yet, it will be difficult to make money. However, if you want to know where to start, you can start making money by taking a 2-week logo design training.


Freelancing is a site where you can earn money independently. The working logic of is the same as the two platforms above. You open ads in line with your talent. The ads are in demand by employers. For example; I can write a 500 word article for 5 dollars. Generally, this is how the system works. If you know English, you can start making money especially by writing articles. Don’t think that I can write articles with Google translate and make money. It is a website that is completely in demand by professionals.


When talking about money-making sites, it’s important not to forget the Binance platform. You may have heard of it before as a cryptocurrency exchange. However, you should not only think of it as buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Because the platform offers you the opportunity to earn income with methods such as NFT, staking, options, etc. For example; for some cryptocurrencies, you may witness that they give you 45% interest for 30 days. To make money from all these transactions, you must first educate yourself. There are thousands of videos on Youtube for this.


I can say that I’m a bit cold towards monetization methods such as fill out surveys, watch ads, watch videos or do tasks. Because many platforms are far from reliable. However, swagbucks is different from these. Since its inception, it has distributed over 300 million dollars in prizes. There are many ways to make money through the website. The platform, which makes advertising agreements with brands, grows by sharing its revenues with its users. Although it does not offer a high earning opportunity, it is an ideal site for additional income.


There is not as much demand for forum sites as there used to be. However, it has not lost the opportunity to be the best market where you can do business. Because the biggest advantage of forum sites is that their member profiles give confidence. There are positive comments about you regarding the trades you have made in the past. Determine a product for yourself to start. Open a sales topic on the forum and get a few references. Your sales will increase as you gain trust.


It is a site where craft products are sold with more than 750 million members around the world. Most of the products sold on this site are handcrafted and antique. Generally, American and European users have a high demand for such products. You need to pay shipping and site sales commission with the product you have made. There are many entrepreneurs trading on ETSY.


It ranks first among the sites that make money by taking photos. To make money with, you need a professional camera or a phone that shoots professionally, such as the Iphone 13. The images on this site are purchased by websites and printing companies. The average prices depend entirely on the intended use. For example; while a photo to be used on the website is sold for 1 dollar, you can sell the ones to be used in advertising banners even for $ 100.


If you are a talented content creator, Patreon is among the best sites to make you money. You can see that many journalists collect subscribers through Posts on the website are usually interesting or highly informative. While the first paragraph of these posts is shown, a subscription fee starting from 5 dollars is charged for the rest. If they are sharing information on very important topics, users will pay even more.


It is among the sites that make money by affiliate marketing. If you have an audience on social media or other media, you can create affiliate links through this site. For example; If a user makes a purchase on with the link you created on the site, you will be paid a commission of 4%. If you do not have any audience, it may be difficult to make money in the beginning.


Thanks to Google Adsense, you can generate advertising revenue from videos on Youtube. For this, the videos you have shot need to be watched. Although many Youtubers seem to be making money from where they lie, the visible part of the job is not true. To make money on Youtube, you should invest in subjects such as editing, shooting techniques and shooting equipment. In the beginning, even a cell phone may seem enough. However, as you become a professional, your need for equipment will increase.


It is a website where online video tutorials are sold. is the Turkish founder and the number one education platform in the world. You can prepare a training video on a subject you are skilled in and sell it to thousands of people. For example; You can see that the Facebook advertising training was bought by 20,000 people. This purchase provided the video maker with the opportunity to earn over 6000 $. Of course, you don’t need to have such niche skills to make money. Because there are users in the US who earned 500,000 USD with a brownie recipe training video.


A platform where you can do graphic design work in the easiest way. Logo making, poster preparation, facebook cover, brochure design, etc. You can easily carry out such works with ready-made templates. Many people who do social media consultancy make their designs on Or those who order logos and banners are also included in this. Even if you don’t have any knowledge, it will take you at most 1 day to learn how to design on Canva.


It is among the most reliable and popular websites where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you don’t only need to trade cryptocurrencies to make money. There are many options such as stocks, leveraged transactions, deposit interest. The biggest difference between it and other cryptocurrency platforms is that it contains many digital coins that you can earn 100 times.


It is a site that allows you to earn money with live broadcasts. It is a platform that usually supports those who play games. To be able to watch the live broadcast video, you need to be a member of the user’s Twtich channel. After membership, you can watch live broadcasts for a certain fee. Even though it is known for its game videos, there is no limitation in this regard.


If you want to make money selling e-books, is one of the best money-making sites. However, your book must be in English. The part that will make you money is what you will teach the users through the e-book.

What Kind of Sites Make Money?

If you are doing research on money folding sites or online sites that will generate income, you should think twice. Going hunting is a valid concept for this sector. In order to make money and not be scammed, you should definitely turn to corporate and well-known sites. For example; Tens of thousands of people are making money through Instagram. While you can make money on Instagram, do not engage in low-earning jobs such as filling out surveys.

Building a Site and Making Money

It is a method that will provide you with a serious income. By setting up a website, you can sell products or make money through advertisements. However, it is not an easy method, and it is impossible to earn without investment. It will take at least 2 months to learn how to build a website from scratch. Making money can take up to 1 year.

Making Money From Where You Sit

You should only believe 10% of what you see and hear on the internet. If someone claims to make money from where they sit, they are either very lucky or have the necessary infrastructure. Without any knowledge, it is close to impossible to make money in this way. You should definitely invest in yourself to earn income from the internet with money-making sites.

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