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Ideas for Those Who Say I Want to Start a Business but I Have No Money

Want to Start a Business but I Have No Money

You want to start a business but don’t have enough capital. So what can you do? First of all, you are not waiting for a summer where everything is rosy. Accepting some facts in advance will take you further from where you are. It would be optimistic to say that it is difficult to start a business without capital. However, we have created an article titled ideas for those who say I want to start a business but have no money. It is possible to apply the ideas in this article without capital or with little capital.

Start a Business but Have No Money

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Ideas for Those Who Want to Start a Business

There are no rules about whether the business ideas on our list are long term or short term. Only the faster you raise capital, the faster you will grow. The success of starting a business is influenced by the capital raised. You will be as strong as your capital and as successful as your capital. If the ultimate goal is always capital-oriented, we can say that you are close to being successful.

1.Doing Real Estate

Doing Real Estate

It is among the first business ideas that come to mind for those who want to own their own business. If you do not have capital but trust your marketing skills, you can earn high incomes in a short time. Especially if you know English or Arabic, we recommend you to make a career through this business. You know that in recent years, especially housing sales to foreigners have increased. The opportunity to get at least 10 thousand dollars commission from 1 sale is waiting for you. It is possible to work in many real estate companies with a 50% commission partnership.

2.Water Treatment Dealership

Water Treatment Dealership

If you think you can do marketing over the internet, distributing brochures or using different sales channels, you can enter the water purifier installation business. First of all, in the initial stage, you will only have the cost of buying products as orders come in. The wholesale sales price of these devices is 20 $. The installation of these products sold in the form of plug and play takes a maximum of 30 minutes. The selling price is at least 55 $. You can invest in this business with a high profit margin.

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3. Establishing a Remodeling Company

Establishing a Remodeling Company

If you know craftsmen in painting, whitewashing, PVC, tile, parquet construction, water repair, etc., you can get bulk renovation work. Sites, brochure distribution, online advertising. Through these marketing channels, 100s of people are looking for craftsmen and companies to do complete renovation every day. You can bring together different craftsmen to do each job and offer turnkey services in this field.

4. Heating Honeycomb Cleaning Work

Heating Honeycomb Cleaning Work

You can be the boss of your own business with only 170 $ capital. How? The price of the honeycomb cleaning machine starts from 90 $. You can start the honeycomb cleaning business with a device and their solutions that you will buy with the most affordable costs. Moreover, the earnings of this 1-hour job start from at least . The maximum cost to you is the solution and the labor you spend. Don’t say you don’t understand this job and haven’t done it before. Using this device is as easy as operating a broom. You can watch the necessary videos on Youtube and get ideas.

5. Doing Alarm Sales Business

Doing Alarm Sales Business

Many alarm companies you have seen in the market sell their products through field sales. The working logic of alarm devices is the same. Many alarm devices work in the form of disassembly and assembly. While some companies provide services in the form of monthly subscriptions, some companies offer products that you can easily install and install. You can sell products that can be easily assembled by visiting shops one by one.

6. Signboard Cleaning Business

 Signboard Cleaning Business

Sign cleaning is a very difficult job for many tradesmen and workplaces. Extra special materials are required for this. However, some people who do sign cleaning offer convenience to business owners thanks to these services. It is easy to get into this business with the help of only cleaning water + detergent and squeegee. With this service, which is 2 $ for a single shop, it is possible to earn at least 30 $ per day. In addition to sign cleaning, you can also provide showcase cleaning service. It is among the best ideas for those who say I want to start a business and have no capital.

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7. Selling in the Market

Selling in the Market

Starting a business by selling a product in the market is one of the most affordable businesses to start with the most affordable capital. The rent for 1 market stall is 15 $ on average. It is possible to make at least 20 $ profit per day just by buying and selling products between 55-110 $. Market stalls and areas are one of the areas with the greatest business potential. People who come to the market are there to spend money within a certain budget. You have the potential to earn more within the product you sell.

8. Selling on Instagram

Selling on Instagram

The easiest and fastest way to start online commerce is to start selling on Instagram. Moreover, you can easily get paid thanks to Shopier. You can do this without having a tax certificate. If you have products that you can produce at home or you can buy and sell ready-made, you can consider this option.

9. Selling Wedding Favors

Selling Wedding Favors

It is possible to earn money by doing this job not only in summer but also in all seasons. Wedding candies are a source of livelihood for many entrepreneurs. If you think you can offer creative solutions in the production of unusual wedding candies, you should definitely take your place in this business. So how? First of all, visit the wholesalers around you one by one and plan how and with which products you can provide solutions. After you have made all your plans, you can sell on instagram, which is in the upper article. Of course, Instagram is not the only market where you can sell your products. You can also exhibit your products in online places.

10. Opening a Blog Site

Opening a Blog Site

It has been very popular to make money by blogging for the last year. You will even come across articles like I earn 600 $ per month by blogging. You can write a simple blog site without knowing any code. Of course, you need to decide for this and do research on how to write a blog. Opening a blog site will take you a maximum of 2 weeks depending on the research time you will do. You can find many resources on the internet for this.

11. Making Jewelry Production

Making Jewelry Production

If you are interested in jewelry products, if you think you can make different designs, jewelry production may be for you. It is among the business ideas with the least capital. You can access ready-made sets for jewelry making over the internet. With the help of these sets sold as a set, it is possible to produce extraordinary designs according to the materials you choose. You can sell the jewelry you produce through online channels with a high profit margin. For information on different designs, we recommend you to check foreign sites.

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12. Selling Products in the Field

Selling Products in the Field

One of the easiest ways to start your own business is to sell pitches. If you pay attention, many of the above capitalless business ideas consist of field sales. In other words, providing a product and selling this product door-to-door is among the jobs you can start at the lowest cost. If you don’t know what to sell, the internet is a limitless resource. However, selling products for tradesmen will make your job even easier. For example; fake camera, alarm box, workplace perfume, etc.

13. Social Media Consultancy

Social Media Consultancy

If you are good with social media and computer, it is possible to earn at least 600 $ per month by doing this job. Or, if you do not have any knowledge, you can step into this sector by taking training. Many companies and businesses buy social media account management from external companies. Outsourcing is a more profitable option than employing a staff. You can showcase your skills in this regard and aspire to manage the social media accounts of businesses.

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We have come to the end of our article titled “Ideas for Those Who Say I Want to Start a Business but I Have No Money”.

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