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Doing Water Treatment Business | Open a Purifier Sales Shop

Start a Water Treatment Business Ideas

In times of crisis, it is said that companies other than the food sector do not do business. This is somewhat true. However, the savings sector also increases its tur.

Water treatment business is one of them. People prefer to save first when economic conditions worsen. A consumer who uses carboy water purification device to switch to a consumer who uses carboy water allows him to save 55 $ in total. You promise that you will no longer pay for carboy water, the price of which starts at a minimum of 1 dollar. There is no customer or close circle that will not accept this. The only problem is that you are not knowledgeable about the water treatment business. I tell you that you should not worry. Water treatment assembly, installation, filter replacement and turnkey installation of this system is very easy. It will take you a maximum of 2 weeks to learn.

Water treatment

If you want to start a water purification business, first check out the purifiers sold on the internet, which are easy to install. All you need to do is drill a hole in the kitchen counter for the faucet and connect the connection hoses as shown in the picture. You can even watch videos on Youtube on how to install them. Of course, all of this will come in handy. However, the main issue you need to learn is which filter does what, purifier internal connection lines, water TDS measurement, PH + measurement, purifier air supply, technical support. If you are confident in technical issues, make sure that it will take you at most 2 weeks to learn them. Because the system is so simple that there are even people who set up their own brand with the water purifier filters they buy from outside.

There are brands in the market. Although they vary among themselves according to their prices, the most expensive one is BMS for now. If you ask if there are quality differences, my answer is yes. While you need to change the membrane or filter every 6 months in some systems, you will not have any problems even for 2 years in quality brands. Now water treatment Let’s explain in detail the starting stage for those who want to do business.

Water Treatment Doing Business

If you want to start a water treatment business, first of all, Youtube, blog sites, etc. Do not leave a source that we have not read or watched on channels. There are purifier filters, tube, and connection equipment in a system. That’s it. Your job is easy if you learn which filter does what, which one should come side by side. After all, you are not making these products from scratch. You just need to understand how the system works. There are enough information sources on the internet for this.

Of course, the learning phase is not enough just by watching. Buy 1-2 purifier devices for 20-25 $ each through online websites. Disassemble the devices you bought at home. Compare the device content with the videos you watch. Constantly disassemble and assemble them. Even connect it to the faucet and measure the quality level of the water with the TDS pen you have purchased.

If this sounds simple to you, you are ready to do this job. However, if you say that you cannot do it, it is very difficult to do this kind of business with the help of personnel in the beginning.

If you are confident to do water treatment business, let’s start to get into the details. It is very difficult to make money by purchasing and assembling the purifier device through sales sites on the internet. If the customer can also reach a product that you reach, you cannot achieve sufficient growth. Fairs on purifier sometimes technologies are organized 2 or 3 times. You can come together with many manufacturers at these fairs. It is possible to buy branded or unbranded products from them. Your first option to start this business will be to go to the fair and make an agreement with the manufacturers.

Another option is water purifier dealership to take. When the profit margin in this sector is high, the number of those who want to give dealership is also very high. A lot of water treatment dealership company gives training to the representative. However, do not perceive this training as 100%. They usually give training to those who know this job. So they do not train you from scratch like an apprentice. Systems are only disassembled, they show you how to install. Of course, it will be advantageous to work with a company with high brand value that constantly supports you.

How to Set Up a Water Treatment Business

  • First you need to invest in training. For this, plan a 1-month educational adventure. Consume all the resources you can read within this plan. If necessary, even try to get paid training from someone who does this job.
  • After the training process is over, create a business plan on how to proceed. This business can be done either by renting a shop or by providing a mobile service. However, it is always advantageous to have a shop. This creates trust in the eyes of the customer.
  • Find a shop in a cost-effective area with good pedestrian circulation. It will be very important for you to display the products and advertise your products if the shop front of the shop you find is wide.
  • After renting a shop, apply for a tax plate. After agreeing with an accountant, you will have the tax plate issued within 2 days at the latest.
  • You do not need to make any renovations in the shop. Just create a shelf system where you can display water purification devices. Of course, besides that, you should also set up a special area for yourself to put the spare parts of the purification system.
  • Now water treatment You are ready to do business. Signage in the shop, visual showcase, etc. Although there are marketing equipment, this alone is not enough for you to do business.
  • You need to make your name known through online advertising channels, brochures and word-of-mouth marketing. You even need to attract customers with specific campaigns. This business is based on referrals. The return of the big campaigns you make in the initial phase will surely be.

Water Treatment Cost of Business

The cost of doing water treatment work in this sector starts from 1000 and goes up to 4000 dollar. The biggest investment amount in this sector is knowledge. As long as you have the knowledge devices at an affordable price, it is possible to sell at least 6 times the price and make a profit. A lot of water treatment company earns income in this way. Water treatment business is based entirely on your knowledge to control the cost figures.

If you do not open a shop, if you just want to walk through the business card, the opening cost will be lower. At this stage you only need to spend money for advertising. As your customer base increases, you can move on to opening a shop. Having a place will give the image that you are more reliable.

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Earnings of Selling Water Purifier

If there is a tradesman doing water treatment work around you, ask for a price. Or get a quote through online sites. You will not give you a price below 55 $. This given the arrival price of purification devices is a maximum of 200 $. So if we do not count the labor, you are charged 3 times the price. In summary, water treatment business is among the most profitable sectors. When you install 10 systems per month, your lowest earnings will be at least 400 $.

Another advantage of this sector is to get bulk tenders from residence projects. It is possible to get 100 apartments or 1000 apartments at a time. Of course, there are term workers in this kind of work. Be careful not to have problems getting paid.

Recommendations for Those Who Want to Start a Water Treatment Business

Start a Water Treatment Business
Start a Water Treatment Business
  • Make sure you write down your customers. Write down the date on which you provided service and what you did. Call for a filter change after 1 year.
  • Offer your customers an extra discount or gift for every customer they refer to you. In this way, they will work for you.
  • Make sure you have a printed card on your products as a technical service. It is possible that your customers may forget you.
  • Do not stick to a single water treatment product. The customer may want the cheap one, the expensive one. The important thing is not to miss the customer.
  • Do not neglect the advertising you will do on the internet. Offer your customers opportunities such as making installments. If you offer such savings products in installments without maturity difference, it will make them better understand the savings.

” Water treatment business to do “ We have come to the end of our article titled.

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