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Opening a Solarium Salon | Cost of Opening a Solarium Centre 2023

How to Open a Solarium Salon

They are centers that allow you to tan quickly with the combination of ultraviolet and UVA rays. Opening a solarium salon is among the most profitable business ideas that can be done. Those who do this business earn income with a high profit margin. However, it is not possible to find much information about this sector on the internet. It is a sector that is generally passed with valid information. In this article, I have created a detailed guide for those who want to open a solarium salon. I will give you all the details such as opening a solarium center, solarium opening cost, machine prices.

Opening a Solarium Salon

First of all, solarium salons are usually located in gyms, beauty centers and spa centers. Some companies have become brands in this field by providing services only with solarium. Especially in cities those who do business in this sector earn high income. In this sector where 10 minute session prices start from 3-5 $, your cost item will only be the energy you spend and your operating rent.

Solarium devices are divided into two as horizontal and vertical. These machines vary according to the type of use and customer preference. UVA rays from horizontal machines are said to reach every region. Of course, this does not matter for entrepreneurs, those who want to open a solarium salon. If you want to make money from the solarium sector, you need to buy both of these machines. Now let’s detail how to open this solarium salon.

Opening a Solarium Salon

Opening a Solarium Salon

First of all, you need high capital figures to take your place in this sector. Zero solarium machine prices start from 5000 $, while the prices of second-hand ones are around 2000 $. It is also possible to find it at a more affordable price. However, if you are opening such a place, it is not recommended to buy a second-hand device. The difference in technology creates huge differences in terms of service. For this reason, you should consider a capital of at least 11000 $ to open a solarium.

So where to open a solarium salon? You should open such salons in neighborhoods where both crowded and middle income groups live. Solarium centers do very good business in areas where sites are dense. You can even see these devices in many beauty centers. Of course, many people prefer to go to places that only provide solarium services, not to the beauty center for solarium.

Buying these devices and designing the business decor are the 2 most important steps to start your business. So how can you find customers? It is a very wide area in terms of advertising. Many factors such as internet advertisements, brochures and shop signage value are important. Of course, the most effective one is customer recommendation. When you look at Google comments, you can see how customers pay attention to such comments. Or you can also read the reviews on the complaint site.

Another issue, the most important one, is the service you provide. There will be those who say that I went to the solarium did not work, I got a scar on my face or freckles started to form. The most important part in this business is knowledge. If you are investing 11000 $ in the sector, you need an expert team and staff. Of course, you should use quality products, not cheap solarium creams. Solarium goggles, body humidity, etc. You need to pay attention to issues. Providing quality service should be at the forefront rather than customer demand.

You have 2 options to open a solarium salon. You will either open a salon from scratch. Or you will buy a solarium salon. You can examine the solarium salons on the site. Prices start from 15000 and go up to 55000 $. Yes, you can make money by buying these businesses. However, if you open a solarium salon from scratch and transfer this shop for 55000 $ by doing business, you will be more profitable. The ultimate goal in trade is to do cashable business.

Now let’s move on to how to open a solarium salon.

How to Open a Solarium Salon

How to Open a Solarium Salon
  • First of all, you should determine how much capital you will allocate. Capital figures can increase with your location, the machines you will use and extra service options. Some solarium companies offer extra spa and massage options. You can increase the number of services you provide with the amount of capital you will add. The choice is yours in this regard.
  • After determining the amount of capital, you need to create a business plan. Since the investment amount you will spend is at least 11000 $, you should write down what to do step by step. At this stage, you should plan everything such as where to buy solarium machines, business location research. You will not have time to devote to issues such as planning during business entry.
  • Now you are ready to hold a business location. The important thing here is to choose a location and location with signage value. This can be the upper floors of an office center. With the signboard you will put in a high position, you will advertise to many people. The pedestrian who sees that advertisement 100 times will stop by your business one day when he needs it. Rent at least 3+1 office. It will be a great advantage if the rent is appropriate.
  • After renting a hall, you need to get a tax plate. For this, it is enough to contact the accountant. Your tax plate will be issued in maximum 2 days.
  • You need to buy furniture, paintings, cream shelves for business decor and design. You can design it to be luxurious according to your personal taste. Of course, you should do the design stage according to the solarium devices.
  • Have the solarium devices installed by the technical service team. Your staff and you get the necessary training on this subject.
  • Now you are ready to open a solarium salon. After that, you need to advertise so that you can do business. Many solarium companies increase the number of customers by making a lottery on Instagram. You can announce your name with Instagram regional ads, brochure ads, Google ads, etc. advertising donations. You can also make agreements with gyms and hairdressing salons.

Solarium Opening Cost

Depending on the equipment you will use, the cost of opening a solarium will vary between 9000 and 27000 $. If you are opening a salon with all beauty services, the upper limit may even be 110000 $. This depends entirely on your preference and the location you will open. The cost of at least 9000 $ is calculated by calculating that you will use a single device and a zero vertical solarium machine.

2nd hand solarium devices are sold with renewed lamps. The choice to buy these devices belongs to you. However, it may cause you problems with technical service. In addition, your customers will want to enter the solarium in newer and latest technology devices. For this reason, the zero device provides an advantage in every sector.

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Solarium Monthly Earnings and Returns

Since you have no expenses other than electricity from solarium devices, almost 80% of the fee you receive will be your profit margin. The money you will earn monthly will also vary according to the turnover figures you make. A solarium salon with a daily turnover of 55 $ will have a monthly net profit of at least 1200 $.

These figures may increase or decrease. It depends entirely on your cost, the number of staff, the rent you pay and your business model. You have no chance to cut costs. You should definitely offer additional options to make more profit. Of course, it makes more sense to enter other sectors after specializing in solarium.

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Recommendations for Those Who Want to Open a Solarium

There are proven harms of tanning beds. You need to inform your clients about these. It is also forbidden to provide tanning services under the age of 18. You should do business by following the legal procedures.

Hygiene is the most important in this sector. You need to disinfect the solarium device after each customer exit. You should also call a technical service every month or every 3 months and have maintenance such as lamp replacement.

Apart from opening a solarium, you can also provide beauty salon services. You will need to increase the number of staff for this.

You can also open a salon by renting a solarium device. If you do not have enough capital at the beginning, you can try this method. However, you will be contracted for a certain period of time.

Be sure to create an Instagram and Facebook page. In addition, solarium salons with a web page give a more corporate image.

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