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Opening a Baby Clothing Store | Cost and Profit

One of the largest shares in textile sector sales belongs to baby wear products. It is known as the sector that cannot be saved by consumers. For this reason, opening a baby clothing store is among the most profitable business ideas. In this sector, customers tend to buy the products they like without bargaining. Moreover, product sizes that change every year can ensure continuous shopping from the same store and export online through your own store. If you want to open a baby clothing store and be successful, we will give you all the information you need in this article.

Opening a baby clothing store

When you search the internet, you can see many companies that have started their journey from a small baby clothing store to a big brand. Baby clothing products are bought both as gifts and by parents to show their love for their children. Of course, not only clothing products, but also many products such as baby bottles, formula, bibs, playpens and strollers are sold in different stores.

Brands also sell mother products. Now, to open a baby clothing store and compete with these brands, you need to have a set strategy. Selling products at affordable prices will not be enough to save you from this competition. If you use the existing advantage, you can stand out from these brands and be successful.

You can have a workshop that produces such products make products in the style and design you want. Or you can personalize baby wear products with the most sublimation printing machine.

Opening a Baby Clothing Store

Opening a baby clothing store

Department stores are usually located in district centers. However, there is no rule that baby clothing products are sold in district centers or shopping malls. On the contrary, it will be more advantageous to open a shop on neighborhood streets where there is no competition and rents are lower. Many districts have a dense population like the district center. However, you cannot see many such clothing stores in such neighborhoods.

The first step you should take before starting this business is to like the products from the shops where baby clothing products are sold in textile centers. In order to compete with the big baby clothing stores, you should buy export products here and ensure product diversity.

You should also take your place in the online sales sectors to open a baby clothing store and make money. Buyers of 1000s of baby and mom products with different designs are available on. You can both make in-house sales and increase your turnover figures on these sites. As the follower base you have created increases, the amount of sales you make will also increase. So much so that the online store turnover of many sellers exceeds the actual store turnover.

We have 2 options to open a baby clothing store. Either taking over or opening a clothing store from scratch. In such stores, it may make sense to take over according to the location. However, you should definitely make sure that it is doing business. Because it is not recommended to buy a store with low turnover by saying that I will do it differently, or I will make this store do business. This business is location and product based. For example; While it is possible to do business where the number of babies is high, it will be very difficult to do business in a neighborhood where the birth rate is low.

Opening a baby clothing shop from scratch is the most logical decision you will make. It will cost more to open from scratch rather than taking over a shop that is doing business. Of course it is a bit risky. However, if you make the right moves, the risk factor will not apply to you.

Now let’s move on to how to open a baby clothing store.

How to Open a Baby Clothing Store

how to open a baby clothes store

First of all, it is the capital you will put forward that will determine the business model you will do. The location of the baby clothing store, the size, the quality of the products completely depends on the investment you will make. If you open a shop with low capital, you will not be able to sell baby strollers with a price of 100 $. So the more capital you allocate, the higher your profit rate will be.

  • After determining the capital, you should make a business plan. A business plan is essential to avoid losses in this sector and to proceed without error. Before making any expenditures, write down what will be done step by step. At the same time, write down your goals for the baby clothing sector. When you go into practice, stick to what you have written and do not go out of the plan.
    After the business plan, you are ready to rent a shop for the store. Choose a shop that will be at least 60 m² on the main street or a side street. The size of the shop is important for displaying the products. Since it is a big market and there is a lot of variety, you will not miss the incoming customers with a large variety of products. In addition, the appropriate rent of the shop will give you a great advantage.
  • Remove the tax plate after renting a shop. For this, agreeing with an accountant will ensure that all transactions take 2 days.
  • After obtaining the tax certificate, start building shelves and purchasing fixtures. Hanger-style shelves are usually used for baby clothing stores. Such products are sold ready-made. Also, do not neglect to use mannequins for the showcase. Buying 4-5 mannequins and displaying your products will attract customers.
  • After the interior and exterior design of the store is finished, you can buy the products and place them in your business. You can determine the baby clothing products you will buy wholesale at the stage of creating a business plan. You can find hundreds of wholesalers for such products.
  • After placing the products, it is time for the opening phase. Baby clothing retailing is a sector that requires a grand opening. You should announce the opening of a shop in this sector to the customers around you. You can do this with balloons and decorations by agreeing with an organization company. You can also make special discounts for the opening day.
  • You have opened and your store is open. Now it’s time to communicate with customers. Even if the products sold by you are nowhere else, this business always looks at being friendly and customer communication. In this sector, the customer group can be a bit capricious. For this reason, you should invest more in communication channels.
  • Start operating on Instagram and online sales sites from the day you open. Online sites are a bigger market than the baby clothing industry. Trying to get a share of the pie in this sector can make you a big player in the future.

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Cost of Opening a Baby Clothing Store

The cost of opening a baby clothing store that will generate income in this sector varies between 3500 and 15 0000 $ on average. You can expand the upper limit of the cost. You can open a store in shopping malls or district centers at higher costs. However, it is very difficult to open a store below at least 3500 $ If you achieve this, there will be a decrease in store quality. Product variety will decrease.

In this sector, customers tend to buy products other than those they usually target. For example; you can see many customers who come to the store to buy baby clothes and leave with products such as toy sets, baby bottles, baby strollers. Emotion is at the forefront in this kind of shopping. The customer cannot control his/her spending and tries to increase the amount he/she will spend on shopping.

For this reason, the more capital you allocate, the more you will earn. In this sector where brands and sizes are sold in series, putting an average of 6000 $ due to product types will give you the opportunity to capture good turnover figures.

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Baby Clothing Store Monthly Earnings

The biggest advantage of the baby clothing sector is the high profit margin. Many products have profit margins ranging from 40% to 200%. These earnings figures vary according to your cost, personnel expenses, business rent and price policy.

You do not have the chance to cut some costs and increase your profit margin. If you want to increase your earnings, your only option should be to increase the number of customers and increase turnover. For this, you should enter the online sales sector. Shop turnover is as much as the customers around you. Sometimes, no matter what you do, it is not possible to increase the turnover. In such cases, the internet is the best savior. The gift sets you will create for babies will be the products that you will have the most sales figures.
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Suggestions for Those Who Want to Open a Baby Clothing Store

Opening a baby clothing store
  • You can open a baby clothing store as a franchise. This idea may make sense. However, your profit margin will be halved. You should calculate this.
  • However, your chances of getting a grant will be close to impossible.
  • If you need to buy products, visit 100s of wholesalers. There are different products in each wholesaler. Buy the most current and most fashionable products.
  • The colors you use in the business are very important. Generally, cream, light pink and light green tones are used as mother and baby colors.
  • Unfortunately, many shopkeepers do not allow credit cards or charge an additional difference for credit cards. Such shopkeepers cause the customer to go directly to the shopping mall. The customer is absolutely right on this issue. You should provide convenience in service.
  • Toy profit margin can be up to 200%. Always reserve a section of the store for toys.
  • Employ friendly staff. You can also get external training support if necessary.

We have come to the end of our article titled “Opening a baby clothing store, store opening cost and monthly earnings”.

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