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Opening a Burger Shop | Cost and Profit of Opening a Hamburger Shop

Opening a burger shop

I think you have noticed the increase in the number of burger shops in recent days. As we have become accustomed to the hamburger culture, these delicious burgers have been loved by our society. If you see this opportunity and want to open a burger shop, you can be sure that you have made the right decision. Provided that you make the right moves. Because big players have started to increase in this sector. To be successful with a boutique burger shop, you should make a difference in some issues such as flavor, service and service. Now I will give you all the details about the cost of opening a burger shop, earnings, profit margin and necessary documents.

Opening a Burger shop

Opening a burger Shop
open a burger shop

When it comes to hamburgers, MC Donald’s and Burger King come to mind. Because they were the first to enter the market. In the USA, boutique burgers are more interesting than such burger products. In other words, 200 grams of burger, cheddar cheese, special sauce, etc. between the bread. products with ingredients. These burger products, which are good in terms of flavor, were very popular in our country. There are Brands have also grown enough to give franchises.

You may say that you want to open a burger shop but you don’t know how to make burgers. Actually, this is a great advantage. If you know, it is not possible to stand out from other companies in the market. In this business, the entrepreneur who always creates his own brand wins. I know that a successful burger brand owner bought a bread making oven and tried to make bread for 1 month. I also know that he made different burger flavors by trial for 2 months. The result was that he made his name in the sector.

Opening a Boutique Burger Shop

Opening a Hamburger Shop

The amount of capital you will put forward will determine how you will act in this sector. It is possible to see burger shops opened around you even with a capital of 25-30 thousand $. These halls appeal to customers who want to sit for big brands and businesses. Of course, you do not need to make such an investment at the beginning.

You can witness that even burger joints opened in 20 m² areas abroad are doing business. For this reason, do not get hung up on the size of the business and the amount of capital spent. In order to make a difference in this sector, you should focus on the flavor option. To be successful in flavor, use the trial and error method. Watch all domestic and foreign videos online. Take note of the burger making and presentation styles that come to mind.

In the burger bun; flavor-adding products such as cheddar cheese, chili peppers, red onions, greens, pickles, spicy fries, caramelized onions, mushrooms are placed. It is possible to increase these options. You have to examine the menus of all burger shops. Each restaurant has given detailed information about what they put in the bun. Of course, there are also customer reviews. Start creating a flavor by taking these articles and comments into account. Be sure that opening a burger shop by taking these articles into account will bring you success.

As for the meat, the choice is yours. You should use beef cuts such as ribeye, brisket, arm and tranche separately. The flavor of these beef cuts is not the same. Of course, you will also need to use tail fat. It may be costly for you to try all these options at home for 1 month. However, if you have a good taste, you can be sure that you will succeed.

What about buying a burger franchise? Again, the choice is yours. If you want to become a brand, you should open a shop from scratch. No need, you can also say that I want to take the franchise of a ready-made flavor. For this, I have listed the necessary company information for you through the franchising companies category. However, keep in mind that franchising involves both high cost and low profit margin.

How to Open a Burger Shop

  • Determine the capital you will spend. Capital helps determine how you go about building a business. Many factors such as business size, location, shop location converge around capital.
  • Draw a business plan and roadmap. Before starting a business, you need to write down the whole process of what you will do and how you will do it. When opening a burger shop, you should make a business plan to speed up this process. In this way, you will act professionally and save time.
  • Experiment with burgers. After creating a business plan, if you have a barbecue, fireplace or barbecue area you can use at home, you can start experimenting with flavors. At this stage, you should spend time and effort until you get the best flavor.
  • Search for a shop location. If your goal is to cater to takeaway customers, you don’t have to pay high rent on the main street. You can rent a shop in the 1st or 2nd position on a side street or avenue. Low rent is a big advantage in the restaurant sector. If you are going to spend a lot of capital, rent a shop with seating in front.
  • Apply for tax registration. For this you need to hire an accountant. Choose a skilled accountant who will help you pay less tax. You can issue the tax certificate in 1 day with the staff he will send you.
  • Get a Chimney Use permit. If you are going to cook burgers on the barbecue, you need to get a chimney use permit. Of course, the consent of the residents of the apartment building is also a must. If you want to use a plate grill instead of a barbecue, you do not need such a permit. Using a natural gas plate grill will provide a great advantage in terms of cost.
  • Start decorating the living room. Depending on the size of the burger shop you will open, you need to create an interesting decor. If you are not going to host customers inside the business, instead create a layout that will allow you to serve faster. You can hire an interior designer for decoration.
  • Buy kitchen equipment. After this stage, you should buy fixtures and open as soon as possible. When buying kitchen supplies, do not compromise on quality. Because the deterioration of such products may cause disruption in your business.
  • Make a grand opening. Restaurants and burger shops need a grand opening to make a name for themselves. Depending on the size of your business, you can hire an organization company and engage in activities such as mascot rental, balloon decoration and DJ.

Cost of Opening a Burger Shop

The cost of opening a burger shop varies according to the size and business model of your business. While it is enough to spend 2500 $ capital for a 20 m² burger shop, you may need to spend at least 110000 $ for a 300 m² shop. The upper cost limit is completely in your hands. Many large companies invest a large part of their capital in decoration. The reason is that many late customers evaluate the decor before trying the flavor.

You don’t have to worry about this. If you are a long-term player in the burger industry, invest only in flavor. For many customers, flavor is the ultimate goal. If you keep investing in this, your customer base will snowball.

How Much Does a Burger Shop Earn

Recently, profit margins in the burger sector have been decreasing due to rising costs. As the weight of meat increases, it is not possible to increase at the same rate. In Hamburger, which left 150% profit 5 years ago, the profit margin is now down to 30%. You can even see rates such as 20% regarding profit figures in franchises.

If you want to generate income from this sector and increase your profit rate, you should be a boutique salon. In other words, you should do everything in a small business. Make the bread yourself, make the sauce yourself and find the best combination of meat. Keep your rent affordable and, if possible, only employ takeaway staff. In the near future, many operators will stop providing in-restaurant service and turn to takeaway service. At this stage, you can increase your earnings only with takeaway service and compete with big brands.

Suggestions for Those Who Want to Open a Hamburger Shop

Open a Hamburger Shop
  • First of all, your goal should be to invest in taste. If you offer a delicious product, you will be successful even if you sell it on the street or in a car.
  • Create regional ads with Instagram videos. For example; you can shoot videos and show your ads only to those living in near of your region.
  • Hygiene is as important as taste in this sector. Especially after the pandemic, you have witnessed how consumers attach importance to hygiene in every subject. Show customers that you are hygienic.
  • Before opening a burger shop, be sure to visit the businesses around you. Try to learn the secret of their success.
  • If you are doing takeaway or in-house service, pay attention to staff selection. All your investments can go to waste just because of the staff.

We have come to the end of our article titled “Opening a burger shop, cost and profit of opening a burger shop”.

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