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Opening a Gym | What Required to Open a Gym

Opening a Sport Hall

Gyms are one of the places that people visit in different time periods. Some of them may visit gyms frequently and for a healthier life. In this respect, opening a gym is among the business opportunities that can bring people a very high income. However, it is very important to know the technical details in order to open a gym. You need to have enough capital to own a gym. You should make a good business planning about the cost of opening a gym and establish your business in line with this planning. The monthly earnings of the gym, which is very important for people, vary according to the size of the gym you will open. You can examine the rest of our article in detail to get more information on this subject.

opening a gym
Opening a Gym

Opening a Sports Hall

If you are thinking about opening a gym, choosing the right location is one of the most important criteria. Opening a gym in an environment where people are interested in sports is an important factor that will provide you with both customers and high income. If you want to start a business, one of the important issues to consider is the age factor. You should plan in advance which age group you will serve.

You have the chance to open your business independently, only for private individuals, or you can open it under a franchise service company. For this reason, you need to research very well on how to open a gym and know which method will earn you more. At the same time, you should know in advance that there is a very competitive environment in the gym sector.

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Opening a Gym

Gyms, which are healthy living centers that people visit frequently to have a healthier life, serve many people. At the same time, the fact that the services are provided at different hours makes it necessary for these halls to have flexible working hours. They are health centers where almost all sports equipment is available and services such as fitness, zumba, pilates are also provided. In these places, people are provided with the advantage of being able to do sports that they cannot do on their own at home more easily.

Opening a gym is not as easy as it seems. In this process, obtaining the necessary permits is an extremely important issue as well as providing materials and creating the space. If you are planning to operate in this business area, you must first fulfill all procedures on time and completely. In order to maximize the satisfaction of our customers, you should provide a wide range of services and ensure that people are satisfied with the service they receive. In addition to these, all the tools that should be in the gym should be provided in time and your customers should be offered the opportunity to do sports with these tools.

Cost of Opening a Sports Hall

People who want to open a gym should first plan very well about the cost. Failure to calculate the cost correctly may mean that you will make a high loss from this business.

You should know which materials you will obtain in the easiest way and from where at the most affordable price. However, it is also important to note that the location of the hall you will open is extremely important. If you are opening a very large and luxurious gym, you need to buy more than all sports equipment.

However, if you are opening a small and narrow place, it is enough to have a few tools such as treadmills or exercise bikes. To open a gym, you should determine your capacity in advance. For this reason, you have 3 different options. Opening a 1000 square meter indoor and outdoor gym can cause your cost to be very high.

However, you can open a 500 square meter gym with both indoor and outdoor areas, or you can open an indoor-only gym of 500 square meters. The average capital amount you need to have for the cost of opening a gym is around 30,000 $. However, if you are thinking of opening a place with an open and closed area of 500 square meters, a capital of 15,000 $ is also sufficient. However, if the place we will open will only be a closed area of 500 square meters, you can do this business with 6000 $.

Gym Monthly Earnings

Gym monthly earnings vary according to the size of the gym you will open. People usually subscribe to gyms on a monthly basis. Sometimes they plan to be a customer of your gym for periods such as 1 month and sometimes 3 months. In this process, in general, the monthly fee for doing sports in gyms varies between 5 and 10 $. However, if you open a very luxurious gym, its monthly membership fee is slightly higher.

It is exactly the size of the gym you have established that determines the earning situation. The dues you will receive from your members also determine the amount you earn per month. The more people you serve in a month, the more you will earn. In newly opened gyms, it is usually a little difficult to earn high income for the first 6 months.

However, even in this process, you can still earn an amount like 180 $. But it is extremely important that you can last for a year and keep your customers in your hands. However, if your customers sit in this period, it is possible to earn between 500 and 800 $ per month. However, if you open a luxurious and large hall, your monthly income can vary between 500-1500 $.

Documents Required to Open a Gym

To open a gym, you need to plan every detail in advance. It is extremely important to know in detail what kind of documents you need to prepare in this process. The documents required to open a gym can be listed as follows:

  • You should prepare a petition containing the long name of the gym and all other information.
  • Photocopy of the workplace founder’s identity card
  • Proof of residence
  • Criminal record and full address of the founder
  • 3 passport size photos and photocopy of tax certificate
  • Photocopy of lease contract
  • The address and employment contract of the doctor or clinic contracted for the fitness center
  • Architect approved site plan for the workplace
  • 2 degree coaching certificates from the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports

These documents should be prepared by the people who want to open a gym, and at the same time, they should add a workplace opening permit and a file in the fire brigade report.
There are many important companies among the companies that provide fitness center franchises. If you are planning to open a franchised gym, you can establish your own business more easily by getting a franchise. Opening a gym through franchise can be extremely profitable for you.

In our article titled “How to Open a Gym”, we have conveyed all the information you need for you.

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