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Additional Business Opportunities for Those Who Say What Can I Do at Home

The income obtained by working in a salaried job is insufficient for many people to make a living. In this direction, the number of people who say what can I do additional work from home is quite high. Of course, this high number does not mean that everyone can provide additional income. The biggest reason for this is the preference of incorrect methods of generating additional income. In this article, realistic and reliable methods will be shared in order to stay away from additional business ideas that cannot make you money.

how to make money at home
make money at home business ideas

How so? When you search for “I want to do additional work at home”, you will come across hundreds of websites. On many of these websites, you can see ideas such as making money by filling out surveys, watching ads and videos, making money by listening to music. First of all, if you think you can make money with such ideas, you are on the wrong track. Almost 98% of the methods mentioned can be realized through foreign sites.

So how can you make money by doing additional work on the weekend or in your free time? We will find the answer to this question together in this article. First of all, you need to do business in accordance with the conditions of the country we are in. For example; When you examine the additional job postings at home , you will encounter the real picture. So you can see what kind of work you can do part time .

Now let’s get to the crucial point. If you want to make money by doing additional work at home, you have 3 options.

  • To evaluate the additional job opportunities offered by companies,
  • Doing some additional work yourself at home,
  • Making money online

It is possible to earn additional income with these 3 methods. However, if you have a computer and have knowledge of the internet sector, it will be easier for you to make money. Now let’s list how you can make money with all these methods.

Winning Ideas for Those Who Say What Can I Do for Additional Work

what can i do at home
what can i do at home

There are even entrepreneurs who earn over 3000 $ per month with the additional business ideas on the list. Do not be intimidated even if these jobs seem foreign to you at the beginning. Rather than not knowing, you need to spend effort to do this job. For example; you may be unfamiliar with bijouterie products. However, it will take you a maximum of 1 week to make a product with starting materials. As long as you are determined to do additional work. Now let’s list these ideas for those who say what can I do additional work at home:

  1. Doing Reliable Packaging Work
  2. Selling Products on Instagram
  3. Make Stock Photography
  4. Designing Bijouterie Products
  5. Selling on Etsy
  6. Writing Articles
  7. Earning Dollars with Upwork
  8. Home Production
  9. Making Youtube Videos at Home
  10. Start Your Own Blog Site
  11. Make Money with Affiliate
  12. Sell Products in the Market
  13. Boutique Dairy Production
  14. Mushroom Growing at Home
  15. Making Simple Textile Products
  16. Instagram Followers Sale
  17. Providing Comment Sales Service

It is possible to find different ideas other than the 17+ additional business ideas on the list. However, you should make sure that these ideas are especially suitable for the conditions of the country. Now let’s take a look at the content of these additional business ideas at home.

1. Doing Reliable Packaging Work

For those who say what can I do at home, it is the easiest business idea where you can earn money. Especially if you live close to factories or workshops, you may encounter such additional business opportunities. The jobs you will be given at home can belong to different sectors. For example, you may encounter different jobs other than yarn cleaning, pen assembly or buckle making. Recently, jobs such as box making, label sticking, product bagging or cargo making have also come across.

It is also important that such jobs are reliable as well as plentiful. Companies such as Zara or Koton have subcontracting companies. We can say that their work is always reliable. However, there are also those who abuse goodwill. If you want to do additional work in this regard, you can review our article titled

10 home-based business ideas for women entrepreneurs

2. Selling Products on Instagram

If you want to start a business from where you sit, Instagram is the easiest way to do it. It will only take 10 minutes to identify a business idea and open an Instagram account. Sharing posts on the business idea you have determined, creating tags and even organizing a raffle if necessary will increase your follower base. Of course, you should determine the monetization method in this direction. For example; an account that only shares funny videos can earn 50 dollar per story by sharing only stories. Surely, there are also actual product sellers outside of this kind of business. To decide what to do, you need to choose the method that suits you.

It is among the best methods to earn money, especially for women who want to do additional work at home. To get a more detailed idea, it will be advantageous for you to follow the strategy of such money-making accounts.

3. Do Stock Photography

Photos used on news sites or websites must be purchased with their licenses. In this case, it is a completely legal requirement. In addition, photographs used in books, billboards, etc. are also included in this. If you have a curiosity about photography, you can improve yourself in this field. Of course, you don’t have to travel and take photos to do this job. I know someone who just took a photo of a flower in front of his house and uploaded it to the Shutterstock site and earned $93 with a single sale. The high sales figures are related to where the photo will be used.

4. Designing Bijouterie Products

It is a method that can be earned in a simple way at home, especially for women. You can start producing by buying only natural stones and assembly set. Of course, rather than making a classic production, making personalized productions is the method that will make you money. How so? You are not the only one who will produce bijouterie products to do additional work at home. There are thousands of sellers selling such products on the internet. To stand out among them and make money, you need to turn to unusual designs. To get ideas in this direction, you can examine the designs abroad on Instagram.

5. Selling on Etsy

You can sell handcrafted products on the ETSY site, which has more than 350 million users worldwide. Especially in the United States and the United Kingdom on the consumers can see that a product that is 2$ in Turkey is paying up to 50 dollars. Yes, you did not hear wrong. When you visit the site, you can see that a pillowcase is sold for 40$ and above. To sell any product on this site, you only need to open an account and share the products. You can do all these transactions without being a taxpayer in the beginning.

6. Writing Articles

It has been mentioned on many websites that you can make money by writing articles. Yes, this is completely true. But not everyone can make money writing articles. First of all, you must have a computer and be determined to make money with it. It is quite normal to have difficulties in the beginning. Do not be hasty. After practicing for only 3 months, you will start writing without looking at the keyboard. Of course, the research you do while writing articles will ensure that your customers are satisfied. In order to earn money in this direction, there are many sites such as, etc. where you can become a member.

7. Earning Dollars with Upwork

If you speak English and are good with computers, Upwork is one of the best sites to earn dollars. Freelancers on this site are given jobs by customers. The hourly working fee varies between 20$ and 200$. These jobs can be software-style, or they can be just like writing entries or assisting. There are entrepreneurs who earn over 1000$ a month just by working on Upwork. If you want to be among them, you need to speak English fluently.

8. Making Production at Home

You can produce and sell a product at home. Of course, it is very important that the method you choose can be done at home. Of course, if you have an extra space where you can produce, the situation will be different. At this point, not only production but also selling your products is the point where you will make money. For example, if you produce boutique appetizers at home, the restaurants around you will be your best customers. You can also reach individual customers through social media channels such as Instagram.

9. Shooting Youtube Videos at Home

With a camera and a microphone, it is quite easy to enter the YouTube industry. For this, you first need to decide what you want to make videos about. Such as baby videos, game videos or joke videos. Those who want to make money by doing additional work can switch to this job professionally if it is kept. There are entrepreneurs who only set up production with 10 million views of the teapot joke video. Of course, you don’t need to shoot joke videos to earn additional income. Having topics you know will make you less trouble.

I do not recommend spending a large capital to make money with Youtube in the beginning. You should test yourself by experimenting with only 500 $ of equipment.

10. Start Your Own Blog Site

You can find hundreds of articles on making money by blogging. If you are not in a hurry to make money, it is a method where you can earn up to 300 $ per month. All you have to do is create articles regularly without getting bored. Moreover, you do not need to have any code knowledge. Set a topic for yourself to start. For example; practical information that can be done at home. When a user searches for “how to remove tomato stain”, you should create an article that can appear in front of him. As the Google Adsense ads in the article you create are clicked, you will start making money. The average earnings of a site with 3000 visitors per day varies between 100 $ and 200 $.

11. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

With this business model, which means affiliate marketing, you will earn money through the links you share. Of course, you need to have a certain audience to share links. You can get this audience through Instagram, Twitter, Blog or different channels. Increasing the number of followers may seem difficult for you in the beginning. However, after a certain stage, as your number of followers increases, your affiliate earnings will increase.

12. Sell Products in the Market

You can earn money by selling products in a market, not at home, but in a location close to your home. Almost 99% of visitors to markets are there to shop. It is easier to sell products to this audience than other channels. For this, you should rent a market board for the days you are available. Then you need to start researching what product preference can be sold in the market.

Although most fruits and vegetables are sold in the market, you do not have a chance to compete as a side business. You will have a better chance in textile products, bijouterie, bags, etc. I suggest you visit the locations where wholesalers are located to get an idea. Wholesalers will help you in this regard.

13. Mushroom Growing Work from Home

Oyster mushroom cultivation can provide you with additional income opportunities. You can grow mushrooms in a room of your house, on the roof or in an idle area. The equipment you need for this is sold as a package. All you need to do is to provide the humid environment needed. When you provide this environment, you can harvest regularly for 1 year with only 1 sack of mushroom kit. This will allow you to make a 500% profit from the investment you have made.

14. Making Simple Textile Products

Production at home is the most guaranteed method in terms of additional work. Among these production methods, simple textile products will help you get through the learning process easily. For example; even if you do not know how to use a sewing machine, you can easily sew products with an entry-level machine. Wallets, pillowcases, bonnets, bandanas, etc. are just some of these products. Of course, turning to a single product and professionalizing will give you a greater advantage. With these products you have produced, you can enter the path of becoming a brand in social media channels.

15. Instagram Follower Sales

If you don’t have a computer at home, you can do this job even using only a cell phone. First of all, you need to know that this business has a big market share. When you search on Google, you can see that on average 1000 followers are sold for 2 $. These sold followers are sold for by dealership companies. In other words, you will earn 500% by selling the service of sending 1000 followers that you will buy for 0.3 $ for 2 $.

To make money from this business, first open an account for yourself on Instagram. Make posts on the account stating that you are doing this job. Finally, give feedback to people with messages and comments stating that you are doing this service. You can make 6 $ turnover by taking only 4 orders a day. Of course, these figures are usually higher. If you don’t know how to do this, you can ask for support in the comments section.

16. Providing Comment Sales Service

When we buy a product or a service, we usually look at the reviews of that business. These reviews can be Google, Tripadvisor, Appstore or different channels. If there are positive comments, shopping is realized. If there are a lot of negative comments, we usually do not shop from those businesses. These businesses usually go to the action of buying comments from outside. There are task make money businesses that provide this kind of service. So 10 comments 6 $ service is provided. You can become a member of these sites and earn money starting from 0.2 $ per comment.

We have come to the end of our article titled “Additional Business Opportunities for Those Who Say What Can I Do Additional Business at Home” . If you want to create additional income at home, you can realize one of these methods. However, you must first be determined and prepare for the start. Unless you take action, it will be difficult for those perfect opportunities to find you.

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