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Make Money Buying and Selling | What Can I Sell? How do I proceed it ?

Technological developments have eliminated borders and brought new dimensions to trade. We no longer need a physical space to buy and sell. The increase in both the number and popularity of e-commerce sites has turned almost everyone into a seller. Make money by buying and selling has taken its place among the most sought-after in 2022. We have listed the products and sites that will support those who say what can I buy and sell in this direction.

 make money buying and selling

Today, it is easy to trade and make money without leaving your home. You can do this as a main source of income or as a side business. The amount of money you will earn from this business is directly related to the time you will devote.

The basic logic of trading is to buy cheap products and sell them at the right price where you can make a profit. Remember, how you market the product is as important as its price to make money by trading. If you skip this point, you may end up with products no matter how cheap they are. At this point, you should definitely do your research on marketing strategies before you start. Preparing a list of trade ideas in advance will increase your chances of success.

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Making Money Buying and Selling

What Can I Buy and Sell?
The golden rule of trade is continuity. Ensuring a continuous flow of money requires being able to bring the right product to the right audience.

The right product is the product suitable for the target audience you have identified. If your target audience is millions, you should sell a product that is already sold a lot at more favorable conditions. These products should be among the basic expenditure items. So they should be necessity products. This strategy allows you to earn from the version by buying and selling wholesale products.

If your target audience is a more select group, you should choose more rare products. For example, handmade products, organic products can fall into this category. These products are pleasure products rather than necessities. In this case, you will realize a more limited sale; but you can sell with a high profit margin.

Make Money by Buying and Selling

If you want to start trading, make a plan to get started. Here are some important considerations for this planning process.

Determine your start-up capital

If you want to make money by trading, the first thing to do is to determine your starting capital. The products you can buy with 50 $ and the products you can buy with 1000 dollar will vary.

Do market research

Research the market and find out the best-selling products in line with your capital. Check your communication channels and create a list of products that you can sell cheaply compared to the market.

Identify your target audience

Identify the potential customer base you can reach based on the information you have obtained from the market. Make sure that the products you choose will meet the demand of your target audience.

Identify the products you will sell

Identify your products in line with market research and target audience definition. Whenever possible, focus on a single product or group of products. The cost of these products must be low compared to the selling price. In other words, you should prefer cheap products in the market. Make an accurate pricing in line with the price scale of your competitors.

Identify the right sales channels.

Choose the right sales channels considering your potential customers and your product. Use social media channels as well as websites to showcase your products.

Allocate budget for promotion and advertising

Although promotion and advertising may seem like an extra cost, it is an indispensable tool to reach more people. Make sure to allocate an advertising budget to make money by buying and selling. You don’t need to spend thousands of lira for this. In particular, choose low-budget ads by selecting target audiences from social media accounts.

Trade Ideas to Buy and Sell

If you want to make money by trading but don’t know where to start, we have researched trading ideas for you.

Cell phone accessories

Cell phones have become indispensable in our lives. Many homes do not even use landline phones anymore. As such, cell phone accessories are among the most demanded products.

Children’s products

buying and selling children products

Children’s products are the biggest budget item for families with children. You can find many different products for sale, from toys to books, from feeding equipment to clothing.

Home decoration

Frames, decorative candles, wall clocks, door decorations… All kinds of products that will make the house look more stylish and beautiful will be in high demand with the right marketing methods.

Car products

Cars are like children, especially for men. Car fragrances, seat accessories and sun visors are still among the most preferred products.

Cosmetics and Care Products

Now, men as well as women allocate budget for cosmetics. The age category in the use of care products has also decreased. It has become easier to make money by buying and selling these products with an increasing customer base.

Second Hand Goods

Second-hand goods have become one of the most popular products of the last period. Special websites opened for these products have also increased their popularity. You can start making money by collecting second-hand clothes, household goods, durable goods from the market cheaply.

What Can I Buy and Sell Cheaply
Don’t make a common mistake when researching what you can buy and sell for cheap. A cheap product is not the product that costs the least amount of money. If it were, everyone would be selling chewing gum today.

A cheap product is one whose cost is far below the market selling price. Which product you buy and sell is more related to your starting capital.

If you want to trade with 50 $, your product cost should be between 1 $. For wholesale buy and sell, you can reduce this amount to 0.01 $. If you want to buy and sell with 1000 $, you can increase this limit up to 8 $.

Buy and Sell at Home

Today, you don’t need a physical store to trade. It is quite easy to buy and sell at home. The products you order are delivered to your doorstep by cargo. And even contracted cargo companies pick up your products and carry them to cargo centers for you.

Here are a few important points to make money by buying and selling from home.

  • Sufficient storage space
  • Customized packaging materials
  • Good internet connection
  • Business-specific social media accounts
  • Beautiful photos of your products
  • A good marketing strategy

Websites to Buy and Sell
With the increase in e-commerce potential, the number of websites where you can buy and sell has also increased. To find the right platform for your product, you need to consider the sites where your potential customers are located.

For example, if you have a product that appeals to a general audience, you should prefer sites with everything. It is also possible to separate them among themselves according to the effect they have on the customer.

Everything can be sold on platforms such as Amazon and Ebay. Sites such as Etsy and Aliexpress also appeal to a similar audience. But mostly second-hand products are sold through these sites. can also be counted for these sites. But it is mostly visited for the clothing category.

For second-hand products, apart from and LetGo.

The sales areas of social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace are also among the important marketplaces for those who want to make money by buying and selling.

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