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110+ Profitable New Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2022

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I have created a list of profitable and new business ideas for entrepreneurs in 2022. The list is based on the idea of how to create a startup, create a successful business and create wealth for yourself. These ideas do not require any technical expertise.

If you’re wondering what I can do or what the most profitable new business ideas are, first and foremost, you’ve come to the right place. Because, according to Google search volumes, 54,000 people conduct research on this topic each month. The main point to remember is that 60% of these 54,000 people conduct monthly business idea research. In other words, a large number of people struggle with ongoing research and action. First and foremost, before reading this article on new business ideas, you should determine whether or not you belong to this group. Because taking action is half the battle.

most profitable new business ideas
Brainstorm for new business ideas

Now let’s talk about another issue that needs to be known about new business ideas, which is our main topic. Living in a global world means being able to reach even the smallest startup in Silicon Valley, from a village in Africa, in a short time. So if you are doing research on the latest jobs or entrepreneurial ideas, your chances are slim. When you search the internet, you can see that every idea has been done. So what should you do? Should you give up?

There is no reason to give up when it comes to finding business ideas. You can hear this in the videos of Jack Ma, the founder of Jack Ma often says, “Don’t wait for a new product to be created or invented. The future will be shaped by improvements on existing products”. So instead of coming up with new business ideas or production ideas, you should decide to enrich existing business ideas.

New Business Ideas 2022

You can see the enrichments made on existing business ideas with the list of 115 New business ideas that we have shared with you in the article. You can take a step towards starting your own business with these jobs that will inspire you and can be done with little capital. Now let’s share the list of new business ideas 2022.

1. Wooden Portrait Sale

Wooden Portrait business

This is a product that I saw being sold on Instagram for the first time. While portrait works made with charcoal are sold for 5 $, these portraits made of wood find buyers between 20 $ and 37 $. To make the portrait I have shown in the picture, you should use automatic filter converter programs in the computer environment. Then you can make and sell this product with wood printing or cutting technique. By examining the account named Chipil Wood on Instagram, you can examine how designs are made without using any paint. The biggest reason why it is among the new business ideas is that there are few examples both in Turkey and in the world.

2. Health Tourism Brokerage

healthy tourism business idea for entrepreneurs
health tourism business idea

A large portion of Turkey’s export revenues comes from health tourism. You may encounter tourists coming in for IVF, hair transplantation, dental implants and aesthetic surgery. While hair transplantation is performed for 430 $ in any hospital, people coming from abroad are provided all-inclusive service from a minimum of 1500 Euros. Of course, these services include accommodation + transfer + medicines. While the average cost for a tourist is 500 Euros, the net profit figure is at least 1000 Euros. This net profit is earned by brokers who act as intermediaries in health tourism. This sector, which has an incredibly high profit margin, is also supported by KOSGEB.

3. Spotify Printed Product Sales

Spotify printed products -

Spotify, the music streaming app, has over 3 million users in Turkey. Each user has their favorite listening list and songs. What would it be like if you gave a gift to a loved one that would remind them of their favorite song? The Spotify frame, which is a creative idea in this regard, has a very high sales figure. To make this kind of product, you need a sublimation printer and a little knowledge of designing on a PC. For this business, which will be an indispensable product for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and other special occasions, 1081 $ capital will be ideal for a start.

Note: If you want to make money with such production methods, you can review our article titled Production Ideas.

4. Gift Designing

Gift designing - new business idea

Although it is not a business idea, many gift designers work individually. Gift designers create products with different concepts using existing products. In every special day period, corporate gifts or store sales products made by large companies are made by gift designers. For gift designing, which is quite charismatic among business ideas, you should definitely learn graphic design programs. Designs to be made in computer environment will be easier to realize.

5. Making Money with Printfull

make money with printful

If you are wondering what you can do to make money online, Printful is the perfect place for you to start. With this business, which also requires design knowledge, it is possible to earn dollars. So how? You can earn money by uploading designs that you have purchased ready-made on the site or designed by yourself and printing them as soon as they are sold. In other words, you first upload the designs and upload sample images to shopping sites that are integrated in the US. When orders come in for your products, the site automatically ships and sends them on your behalf. You can make money by selling a product with an average production cost of $15 for $30.

6. Selling Products on Etsy

selling products on Etsy

ETSY, where handmade products are sold, is very popular in our country in recent years. Because it is the easiest place where those who want to earn dollars can do business. After becoming a member and uploading a product you have produced, you can easily start selling. On this site where creative products are easily sold, you should definitely choose products with high-profit margins to make money. Because shipping prices and commission rates for payments are quite high. As an example of a product; we can give hand-knitted washcloths that are sold for 1 $ in Turkey. These fibers can easily find buyers at $ 20 on

7. Dropshipping with Shopify


Shopify is a platform that allows you to open your own shopping site in just 1 hour. You can see that many famous brands in the world have made their shopping sites with Shopify (Red Bull, Heinz, Cooper). Of course, when it is so easy to make a shopping site without knowing any code, it is just as easy for some entrepreneurs to make money. Products from the Chinese Aliexpress site are uploaded to the site made with Shopify by adding a profit margin. Products with added profit margin are offered for sale with a high profit margin for users in America. Of course, when adding products, take care to be a site that serves only in a single category. For example; a site that sells only Avocado logo or patterned products. To find customers, you can advertise on Instagram and Facebook at affordable prices.

8. Campaign Sharing Service

Campaign sharing service

You may come across accounts that share current campaigns and discounts on Instagram or Twitter. All affiliate sites are examined by these account managers and campaigns are shared. Of course, not only sites but also stores are included in this. For example; If there is any discount at Zara, you can see that it is shared through these accounts. So how does the account owner make money in this business idea?

Audience is always a momentum that makes it easier for you to make money. You can see that such accounts have at least 50 thousand real followers. Seeing this, big brands provide sponsored advertising output through these accounts. After the first 50K subscribers you will make, advertising cooperation requests will be sent to you.

9. Truffle Collecting

Truffle Collecting new business idea
Truffle Collecting

It is at the top of the list of products whose prices rise every year. After the forest burnings, there has been a decrease in truffle collecting. Of course, in some regions of the Aegean region, truffle collecting is still going on. Truffles found during searches with specialized dogs can be bought for 2000 Euros per kilo. Especially the white truffles are the most valuable of all. You can take a look at the article titled “The most profitable agricultural products for agriculture other than truffles”.

10. Stock Photography

stock photography

Although it is not among the new business ideas, the demand for stock photography has increased in recent years. The fact that the images used on the internet are important in terms of copyright has led to this increase. If you enjoy taking photos, you can start making money by taking a step in this direction. All you need to do is buy a professional camera. Then, with the training you will receive, you can upload the photos you have taken to sites like Shutterstock and wait for them to be sold.

11. Handmade Wallet Production

Handmade wallet
handmade wallet

As the quality of mass-produced products increases, the value given to handmade products increases. It is possible to see this situation in many products. However, the idea of a handmade wallet seems more feasible in terms of many business ideas. This is because it has a large share in the gift sector and offers visual appeal to the consumer. If you want to produce wallets, you can find many training videos on Youtube on this subject. After making the necessary investment in production materials, you can become a wallet master ready to produce within 2 months at the latest.

12. Wooden Clock Production

wooden clock
Wooden Clock

Rather than buying and selling a retail product, manufacturing is the best way to make money. Of course, if you are just starting to produce a product, it will be advantageous for you to have a simple production idea. Among the accessory products made for the wall, the demand for wooden clocks is higher than other products. Although the idea of a wooden clock is not among the new business ideas, the different designs you will make in this regard will take an important step in providing high earnings. Although it may seem simple among entrepreneurship ideas, it is a product with high added value in terms of creativity.

13. Wholesale Dessert Sales

Dessert sale
wholesale dessert sale

You can call this business idea a kind of dessert catering business. Restaurants, restaurants and many businesses buy profiteroles, rice pudding or other desserts ready-made from outside. You can even see that such desserts are sold in markets such as BİM, A100 and ŞOK. To summarize, the demand for these desserts is high. In order to meet this demand in the market, you must first receive the necessary training in the production of these desserts. After the training, you can earn money by starting both marketing and production activities.

14. Plus Size Product Sales

Plus size - oversize dresses
Oversize Clothing

You may find it difficult to find products prepared for large sizes as well as products sold for fit sizes. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in weight gain with obesity. Such products representing a single segment can help you become a brand in a short time. As you can produce these products, you can also supply L and XL sizes that are not sold in stores at affordable prices. If you speak English, selling abroad will allow you to earn higher income.

15. Become a Personal Courier

Personal Courier -
Personal courier

Trendyol GO,, etc. The reason for the increase in the number of couriers is that they offer high income opportunities. Of course, rather than being a motorized courier among business ideas, buying your own motorcycle and agreeing with businesses on an hourly basis will give you the opportunity to earn higher income. So much so that many people doing this job serve between 4-5 $ per hour. The 28 $ you will earn with the service to be provided for 10 hours a day can be a good step to start. For those who say what business can I start with low capital, it is among the jobs that will earn.

16. Overseas Education Consultancy

overseas education consultancy
Education Consultancy

Many students study abroad for university or language education in order to go to a different country from Turkey or to learn a language. The demand is so high that consulting firms give appointments for 1 month later. If you want to start a business, try specializing in consultancy for any country. This country can be Ireland. Because it may be easier to get citizenship in Ireland or to go to Ireland with language schools. Demand for this country is also higher than others. A high demand will be waiting for you with this business, which is among the smart business ideas.

17. Opening a Language Course

language course

If you speak English or another language, this is a huge advantage. Since many people are aware of this, the demand for language courses has increased. However, the biggest problem with existing language courses is the high cost of language courses. The biggest reason for this is the high costs. You can open a language course at affordable costs to overcome the current shortage in the market. You can increase the number of students by agreeing with the schools around you.

18. Open a Vocational Training Course

vocational training course
Vocational Training Course

You can hear about the lack of qualified personnel from many producers or operators. For example; even finding a doner master is very difficult. However, when you do a search on the internet for doner training, you will see that there are no options. When you look at the courses offered by KOSGEB or MEB, the quota is quite limited. What if you opened a course on this subject? Yes, it would be great. Because 3600 people search on Google every month for ‘rotary training’ or other professions. If you provide vocational training to only 100 people at 320 $, you will earn 32000 $.

19. Design a Terrarium

Terrarium design idea
Design a Terrarium

When you examine the Çiç site, you can see the high sales figure of the products made from this terrarium. Terrarium making, which is among the low-capital business ideas, is a business idea that you can make money with your artistry. Because the demand will increase according to the richness of the designs made. To find customers, you can contact the florists around you or businesses that buy wholesale. The cost of designs starting from 10 $ per piece starts from 1.3 $

20. Sell a Star in the Sky

star selling business idea
Sell Stars to the Sky

We can say sky star sales service. Yes, although there are steps taken in this regard, the sites that provide this service have not grown much. However, the demand for sky star sales abroad is quite high. This is because the necessary investment has been made in advertisements. In other words, when you offer this different option to people who are looking for gift products, the purchase rate will be high.

21. Work Independently with Upwork

work with upwork

If you want to earn dollars, UPWORK is the perfect place for you. Thousands of people earn money freelancing on this site. If you want to make money on this site, you must first have a talent for something. This can be in different subjects such as graphic design, web design, SEO or coding. With the jobs you will get within your knowledge, you can work at $ 25 per hour. It is among the most popular business ideas of recent times.

22. Sell Coffee with Doypack

sell premium coffee with Doypack
Doypack coffee selling

Doypack is the name given to packaging that stands upright and can be easily closed. With this type of packaging, you can produce easily and cost-effectively. In the market, it is possible to come across coffees made in Doypack. These types of coffees are obtained by roasting the coffee beans bought in bulk and grinding them in different styles. It is among the business ideas that can be done with little capital. It is possible to start this business with a custom-made Doypack packaging, label, coffee machine and an Instagram account.

23. Herbal Tea Sale

herbal tea sale business idea
Herbal Tea Sale

It is one of the business ideas with the highest profit margin for those who want to start a business. So much so that you can earn money by collecting some products without even having a cost. After Covid-19, the demand for herbal products has increased. Herbal teas are at the forefront of this. It is possible to understand the high demand from the density of herbalists selling such products. To start selling herbal teas, you can place these products in transparent doypack packages as in the upper heading and start selling on Instagram with your own brand.

24. Product Photography

product photography business idea
Product Photography

In order for a company to start selling on the internet, it must first exhibit its products on the internet. The more professional you shoot these products, the more likely they will sell. Because consumers attach importance to the quality of shooting when making purchases. For this reason, making an agreement with product photographers makes more sense for those who will step on the internet. So how would it be if you did the product photography? It is possible to earn over 150 $ income from a single customer with this job, which is done by charging 0.5 $ per product.

25. Do Greencard Counseling

Greencard counseling business idea
Greencard Counseling

Every year between October and November, the Green Card lottery for American citizenship is held. As a result of this lottery, the average number of people from Turkey is between 2 thousand and 3 thousand. While the lucky ones are selected, many people lose their rights as a result of incorrect applications. Especially the mistakes made in the photo shoot play a big role in the elimination of the applications. For this reason, the demand for companies that provide professional application services has increased. These companies provide consultancy services starting from 20 $ per person. If you want to start a low-capital business like this, you can learn the whole process in just 2 weeks.

26. Jewelry Sales

Jewelry -

Although it is not among the innovative businesses, you should not forget that Turkey is a paradise for imitation products. Among these, bijouterie products are in great demand both in Turkey and abroad. So much so that there are entrepreneurs who manage to sell abroad even via Instagram. So can you make money while there are so many sellers? The biggest advantage of jewelry products is the abundance of variety. For example; It is very difficult to find where the same avocado necklace with an arrow in the middle is sold. So when you sell it for 5 $, someone else may have difficulty finding it for 4 $. Therefore, although it is not innovative, it will always be among the money-making business ideas.

27. Selling eBooks with Gumroad

e-book selling business

A site that we can call number one in the world on digital products. You can easily sell many digital products such as e-books, applications, logos, audio recordings, videos, etc. through this site. So much so that there are those who earn 20 thousand USD income in 1 month from the Gumroad site with the article they have dictated to an article writer. If you know English, it will be easier for you to make money through this site.

28. Setting up a Phone Repair Shop

Phone Repair

If you have a predisposition to repair work, you should learn this job by going to a mobile repair course. Because the screen repair of broken cell phones starts from 18 $ and goes up to 170 $. Users who break the screen of their phones tend to go to the first phone store they encounter in a panic for repair. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you can open a shop that only provides services in simple screen repair. It is among the most profitable jobs on the list of new business ideas.

29. Conduct Inter-District Product Arbitrage

Inter-District Product business
Product Arbitrage

There can be a big difference between the price of a product sold in Bağcılar and the price of a product sold in Beşiktaş. When you research this, you can see it in many products. If you are undecided about what business to start, you may be one of the rare people who evaluate this idea. For example; While you can buy bread from a bakery in Bağcılar for 0.2 $ wholesale, you cannot buy this bread for less than 0.5 $ wholesale in Beşiktaş. If you wholesale such products with a vehicle, you can make a profit of 30 $ by spending only 4 hours a day.

30. Sell Tobacco Products Wholesale

tobacco products wholesale business idea
Tobacco Products

After the price increase in tobacco products, interest in Tobacco Shops has increased. Many people buy open tobacco products sold with banderoles. These products offer higher earning opportunities than normal closed products. In addition, the profit left by the by-products used for the winding of these products is just as high. If you want to turn this situation into an opportunity, you can open a tobacco shop with only 2500 $ capital.

31. Herbaceous Plant Sale

Herbaceous Plant
Herbaceous Plant

These herbaceous plants, which adorn many gift sets, constitute a market on their own. So much so that there are even those who use them as ornamental plants at home. When you supply these products and sell them wholesale or retail, you will not have many problems in marketing. If you produce or supply first-hand, your profit margin will increase.

32. Open a Pickle Shop

pickle shop business idea
Pickle Shop

I have witnessed many pickle shops that have opened and closed down. While these shops used to do very good business in the past, the shops that open today close down quickly. The biggest reason for this is that such shops prefer to be located on the main street. These shops, which are established with high rental prices, are unfortunately doomed to close without waiting for the customer base to settle. Opening a shop with active pedestrian traffic, especially in places where the neighborhood market is established, will give you the chance to earn high profits.

33. Open a Self-Service Car Wash

self-service car wash
Self-Service Car Wash

If you are one of those who say this is the era of savings and economy, I think you have seen the queues in front of the self-service car wash shops. It is possible to both foam and wash a car with only 0.2 $. If you do this in a car wash shop, you will spend at least 3 $. Therefore, this kind of business is the perfect place to earn a lot of money. To start a business on this subject, you can get a dealership or start with a business for sale.

34. Produce Colorful Eggs

colorful eggs
Colorful Eggs

You may have come across news reports about green and blue colored eggs. These eggs come from different breeds of chickens. According to the belief, they are said to be beneficial for many diseases. Although this is not true, there is at least 5 times difference between them and other eggs in terms of price. If you are doing research on the work to be done in the village, you can buy such chickens and establish a mini production facility.

35. Become a Beekeeper with a Grant

beekeeper business

There are many courses and grant programs on beekeeping in Turkey. It is also possible to get support under the European Union grant program. The value given to organic production increases every year, making this work valuable. Especially in honey and derivative products, many people are undecided about where to shop. This is because it is difficult to find organic and additive-free products. If your location is suitable for beekeeping, you can take your first step by getting training.

36. Open a Modern Lostra

lostra business idea
Lostra shop

Lostra shops, formerly known as shoe repair shops, have started to take a modern form today. With this model, which is among the clever business ideas, it is possible to make old shoes new with a minimum fee of 6 $. If you want to start such a business, you should first do a detailed research on the equipment you can use. After the research, you can start marketing activities on Instagram. As an example, you can examine the site.

37. Establish a Boutique Tea House

boutique tea house
Boutique Tea House

When you examine the tea shops around you, you may notice that they usually look like they are over 40 or over 50. Or they are set up like a men-only area. However, establishing a more conceptual place where young people and women can sit comfortably will allow you to do an innovative business. While it costs 1 $ to drink a tea in corporate coffee shops, you will meet customer demand with these products that will be sold between 0.1-0.3 $ in these places. For details, see the article titled opening a tea center.

38. Produce Ornamental Fish

ornamental fish
Selling Products

If you are wondering what you can produce, goldfish is among the most enjoyable business ideas. A capital of 600 $ is enough for the start of this business, which can be done by those who have an aquarium hobby. With a facility that you can even set up in a large room of your home, you can start making money by producing goldfish. The pet shops around you are the best market for you to sell.

39. Selling Products in the Market

selling products in the market
Selling Products

It is among the business ideas that young people stay away from or do not explore much. This is because marketplaces offer very high advantages in terms of customer density. Almost 95% of those who come and visit are ready customers to buy. Of course, to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to decide what to sell. Apart from food and clothing products, if you find a product that can attract customers, you can make a minimum daily turnover of 170 $. This figure may vary from market to market.

40. Henna and Wedding Organization

henna and wedding organisation business idea
Wedding Organization

Wedding and henna style organizations have started to be held in accordance with a certain concept. In other words, while every region used to have a culture in the past, nowadays the events are tied to a standard by the organization companies. Of course, when this is the case, many couples contact organization companies for a professional event. If you have a team, making such organizations can help you become a brand in the long run. According to the organizations, it is possible to earn between 170 $ and 5500 $ per event.

41. Establishing a Children’s Play Center

children's entertainment playing center
Children’s Play Center

The number of spaces where children can play is quite high. You can see this example especially in shopping centers. However, since this service is provided with tokens, this service is expensive for consumers. Because the cost of a game varies between 0.3 $ and 0.6 $. So what can be done? According to the researches, it is known that businesses that provide half-hourly or hourly service do more business than those that provide such token services.

42. Vitamin Bar in Touristic Places

fruits vitamin bar
Vitamin Bar

If you live in the south or in tourist hotspots, vitamin bars are an easy way to make a business. While a drink sold for 0.3 $ in Turkey is expensive for local guests, it seems quite affordable for foreigners as it costs 1$. You can amortize your capital in a short time with a vitamin bar made of different fruits and modern design. Especially in the Antalya region, your profit margin will be higher than in other regions. This is because agricultural production is high and affordable in that region.

43. Opening a Solarium Salon

solarium salon
Solarium Salon

Solarium salons that serve hourly offer a kind of passive income opportunity. After purchasing the machines that will be needed, you can run a salon with personnel who have a training certificate. If you have the latest technology equipment and a hygienic salon, you will not have any problems in terms of customers. Of course, your neighborhood is among the most important factors in this regard. For example; choosing office floors with high signage value in the city center will increase your customer potential.

44. Reputation Management Consultancy

reputation management consultancy

You wake up one morning and see that there is negative news about you. What do you do? With reputation consultancy, which is among the newest business ideas, negative news or perception is destroyed. Of course, you will need expert staff in the field of law and web to do all this. Removing negative content on the internet, fighting with newspaper news, etc. such as jobs await you. You can expand your team in a short time with this business that will allow you to earn over 5500 $ even from a single customer.

45. Blog Writing

Blog writing

If you want to open a website and make money by writing articles, this job should not be difficult. It will only take you 1 day to open a website with the help of a platform without knowing any code. Then you should share the articles you have created and gain an audience. After the audience you have gained, you can start earning income by taking ads. Google ads are a perfect fit in this direction. When you click on the ads published as on Youtube, you will earn money starting from an average of 0.50 cents per click.

46. Selling Baby Accessories

baby accessories
Baby Accessories

Consumers are very sensitive to baby products. You can see products such as bandanas, socks and vests bought for a baby more than once. Most of these are gifts or products bought on a whim. In other words, there is no savings in baby-related expenditures. To start a venture in this field, producing baby accessories will be low capital compared to others. Products such as bandanas, gloves, bibs, hats, etc. are among the best examples for now.

47. Boutique Perfume Production

boutique perfumes production
Boutique Perfume

Manufacturing is one of the best entrepreneurial ideas for achieving high profit margins. Buying and selling a ready-made product will put you in competition with different sellers. Boutique perfume is in demand both by the consumer and the manufacturer. You can gain a customer base with perfumes that will be made as a substitute for the originals. Of course, in order to do this, you need to realize the essence mixture in a way that is of high quality and original regardless of the price. It is on the list of both lucrative and most charismatic business ideas.

48. FBA with Amazon

fba with amazon
Amazon FBA America

FBA is a kind of warehouse and sales service provided by Amazon. You transfer the products you will sell to the warehouse in the country in which Amazon will list them. Amazon then lists the products on your behalf and offers them for sale. However, after the commission deducted from the product sold, your earnings are deposited into your account. As FBA can be done in many countries around the world, it is possible to do FBA even in Amazon’s warehouse in your country.

49. Personalized Printed Products

personalised printed products business idea
Personalized printed product

Selling customizable products instead of fabricated products both increases your profit margin and provides a great advantage in terms of demand. To make such products, it is enough to buy a sublimation printing machine and ready-to-print products. To start the business, you need to allocate at least 1100 $ capital. Special packaging, different designs and marketing will be your side expenses. There are accounts that earn 550 $ per month from Instagram with the sale of printed mug cups.

50. Party Organizer

party organiser

It is a fact that entertainment in Turkey is no longer as common as it used to be. For this reason, there is a great participation in organized day parties. Among these, especially New Year’s Eve, summer parties and festivals take the lead. If you have a talent for organizing, you can rent daily venues and become a party organizer.

51. Opening a Private Nursing Home

private nursing home

Many retirees and people over a certain age prefer to settle in a nursing home to relieve their loneliness. This is advantageous for many people both in terms of seeing their needs and socially. While many nursing homes provide services in return for a pension, some private nursing homes also provide services at higher prices. Of course, prices may increase according to the quality of the service provided. To invest in this field, you need to employ trained personnel.

52. Opening a Boutique Hamburger Shop

boutique hamburger shop

It is among the most popular business ideas. Especially in crowded areas, you can see a hamburger business every step of the way. The biggest reason for this is that the demand is high and not much strategic knowledge is required in making them. Yes, you can open a hamburger shop if you find the right mixtures. But if you want to make money, you need to make burgers that taste better than your competitors. Mixing different spices and making your own bread will be one of the biggest steps you can take on this path.

53. Pony Horse Farm

pony horse farm

Apart from playgrounds for children to have fun, pony horse farms are also a great alternative. If you are wondering what you can do outside the city, this business model may be for you. Because the farm you will create with the pony horses you will buy will attract a large flow of visitors. Doctors recommend visiting such places, especially for children with autism.

54. Snail Farming

snail farming business idea

Although it is not liked by our people, it is a product consumed in both European and Far Eastern cuisine. It is also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. For this reason, you can earn high incomes with snail breeding, which is among the interesting business ideas. What you need to do is to provide the humid environment that snails will need. In our country, there are producers who start an initiative in this way and export to many countries.

55. Electric Scooter Rental

Electric scooter rental

Thanks to electric scooter initiatives, many people have met scooters. However, these rental transactions are made with the help of the application. In other words, the number of places where you can rent on a daily basis is very few. This is especially true for touristic places. If you live in a seaside town and wonder what you can do in the summer, scooter rental may be for you. It is also possible to increase the demand for your business by renting ATV vehicles.

56. Yacht Cleaning Service

Yacht cleaning service business idea

As you know, this cleaning service is not inside the yacht. The bottom of every yacht and boat is covered with moss. This situation damages both the paint and the boat surface in the future. Knowing this, yacht owners receive under yacht cleaning service with a robot for a certain fee. This service is done with an under-boat drone called Keelcrab. With this machine you will buy, you can start providing service from 25 $ per hour.

57. Mobile Vehicle Maintenance Service

mobile vehicle maintenance service

Vehicle maintenance is not as challenging as it seems. It usually consists of oil, oil filter, pollen filter and some controls. In order to carry out these operations, many vehicle owners have to go to the industry or to the auto repair shop. So what would it be like if you did these jobs on a mobile basis through a vehicle? Be sure that you would have started an initiative that would be in demand by many people. Of course, the important part will be to reach customers. At this point, you can find customers with Google Ads ads.

58. Opening a Capsule Hostel

capsule hotel

You can come across such hostels especially in Ukraine, Japan and some countries in Europe. These 3 m² capsules have everything you may need. As you can see in the picture, if you start such an initiative, you will be doing one of the untested business ideas in Turkey. Of course, the most important part you need to pay attention to in order to start this initiative will be to get a license. Because getting a hotel and pension license in Turkey can be a bit difficult in some regions.

59. Opening a Repair Center

Twenty years ago, if any of your home appliances broke down, you could easily find a repairman. Today, however, many people find it difficult to find a repairman and prefer to buy a new product. Of course, this is also due to the high cost of repair. If you can be a solution to this problem in the market, you will be in high demand. Establishing a center where you can clean washing machines, refrigerators, televisions and other items will be enough for the initial stage.

60. Article Writing

article writing

You can see a lot of information about how to make money by writing articles. However, many people find it difficult to do article writing professionally. The reason for this is the lack of long-term investment in this business and the lack of belief that high earnings can be achieved. Yes, when you sign up to an article writing site right now, you will be offered to write for 0.2 $ per 100 words. But rest assured, these figures are just the beginning. When you start taking orders from corporate sites, these fees will go up to 1 dollar for 100 words.

61. Insect Spraying Service

insect spraying service

It is among the best business ideas that can be done as mobile. You can start this business with just a spraying machine and sufficient advertising activity. Of course, you must first receive training on how to do it and obtain the necessary certificates. After doing the necessary advertising activities, you can give your customers an average price between 10 $ and 60 $ according to the size of the place. Providing quality service will allow you to experience a great increase in the number of customers.

62. Social Media Production

social media production

Many businesses find their customers through social media. However, if you pay attention, video posts are more interactive than visuals. Most of such video posts are made by social media production companies. Of course, the cost is high because professional equipment is used in these processes. However, for businesses that we can call medium-sized tradesmen, this kind of service is almost non-existent. You can enter this sector by employing a staff specialized in video shooting and editing.

63. Frozen Food Shop

frozen food shop

Just by going to a chain supermarket, you can watch the sale of frozen food products. Products such as ready-made doner-kebab, pizza, chicken, pies, etc. are increasing their market share day by day. Of course, not every market makes detailed diversification in such products. This is at least the case in neighborhood businesses. What if you set up a business where such products are made from A to Z? If you open it in neighborhoods like Beşiktash and Kadıkoy, where students live, your chances will be high. Such different business ideas are done intensively in the world.

64. Check-Up Package Sales

check up package sales

Although it is not a new business, it is a sector that never loses its market share. With the check-up service that allows you to be informed about health in advance, you will have the chance to prevent many diseases. Each hospital has packages created in this direction. Of course, the important part is to market these products. Generally, marketing is done by selling these services at affordable prices to external call centers. For example; You can get a high profit margin of 55 dollar by selling the check-up service sold to you for 5 $ for 55 $.

65. Selling Printed Underwear

printed underwear sale

Doing business on a single product will make it easier for you to professionalize and become a brand. Underwear is the best example in this direction. Personalized underwear or underwear with text and pictures printed on them have a certain audience. This is the case not only in Turkey but also on foreign websites. You can start trading through online sales sites by just buying a printing machine and ready-to-print products.

66. Bringing Products from Alibaba

products from alibaba is the best way to bring products from abroad and sell them in Turkey. You can easily contact Chinese wholesalers through this site. If you are doing research on products that are not available in Turkey, is the best site to do this research. First of all, negotiate with the seller for the product you like. If you want to print additional logos, specify this. Then, you can start making money by selling the product you have brought with customs clearance on sites such as Trendyol etc.

67. Dropshipping with Amazon

dropshipping with amazon

When you search for training videos on the internet, you can see that dropshipping trainings are predominant at this point. For a period of time, dropshipping, especially through Amazon, made good money for many people. However, today, this business idea has gained momentum towards very different points. By listing a product in Amazon America on Amazon Turkey or Amazon UAE, money is earned over the difference. For example; You can buy a product that you sell for $ 100 on the UAE for $ 80 on Amazon America and write the $ 20 in between as profit.

68. Selling Products on Trendyol

product selling online

Trendyol is Turkey’s most popular shopping website. Its market share is several times higher than other competitors. So when you start trading through this site, you are very likely to get orders. Many customers who are ready to buy will be waiting for your products. Of course, not everything is as easy as described. There is great competition on the Trendyol site. So no matter what product you sell, there will definitely be those who want to sell it at a more affordable price than you. Of course, selling by producing in this direction will allow you to get ahead of your other competitors.

69. Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

oyster mushroom cultivation

If you want to make money while you sleep, you can start by setting up a mushroom tent. When you combine the mushroom seeds with peat purchased ready-made, you are ready for production. Of course, if you are going to do this professionally, you need to get support. The most important part you need to get support is the humidification technology and fungal diseases. Because in the slightest mistake, you can cause all mushrooms to get sick.

70. Writing an Education Book

education book writing

If you are an expert in a subject and want to make money fast, writing a training book on that subject will help you achieve your goals. Although it is not among the ideas of starting a business, with this initiative, you can earn as much money as if you have established an active business. Of course, the book you have written must be liked by the readers. Especially the book you will write in the field of education will be in high demand. For example; such as a guide to beekeeping.

71. Selling Dowry Sets

selling dowry sets

Doing business by delivering a segment will allow you to start a business at more affordable costs. Dowry sets are a sector where you can make money by appealing only to newly married couples. Yes, although there are many such sets on the market, you can see that they are usually made with non-original imitation products. For example; Polo brand shirts in the product are usually sub-industry. The different designs you will make for these sets on the list of new business ideas will allow you to increase in demand.

72. Chandelier Production

chandelier production

A product that you can enrich with different production methods and designs. To design a chandelier, you should first examine existing designs. Then search for videos or an actual course where you can get training on this subject. You can earn high income figures by producing affordable products and selling them online. When you examine sites such as Trendyol, Hepsiburada and N11, you can see that a single product is sold more than 10 thousand units.

73. Overseas Real Estate Consultancy

real estate consultancy

Housing investments made in Turkey in the last 10 years have unfortunately upset their investors in foreign currency. The biggest reason for this is the rise in exchange rates. Both this situation and many people who want to get citizenship from abroad go to buy houses abroad. You can provide real estate consultancy services especially in Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece and different countries. The commission rates obtained from a single sale start from 10 thousand Euros on average.

74. Cryptocurrency Trade

Cryptocurrency Trade

Even if it is not among the newest business ideas, there are many people who have become rich in a short time by trading cryptocurrencies. Although this is not an investment advice, you can try your luck in this sector. What you need to do is to buy during the fall and sell the products you have during the rise. Of course, before you fully engage in this business, you should definitely read books on investing and improve yourself.

75. Shopping Arbitrage

shopping arbitrage

You can sell the product you bought at an affordable price from one site by adding a profit margin on another site. This is done especially through Letgo and Dolap applications in our country. Many people earn monthly income by selling the products they find at campaign and affordable prices from this site. Especially with the arbitrages to be made in antique-style products, the income you will earn will be higher.

76. Online Diet Counseling

Online Diet Counseling

If you ask what the most profitable business ideas are, the answer might be dietary counseling. Your capital will only be your knowledge on this subject. Of course, you need dietician training for this. Many dietitians provide online counseling services to the masses who want to lose weight or gain weight. Fees starting from 20 $ per session or program are charged from a single person.

77. Contract Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements

dietary supplements

If you want to get rich quick, you need to listen to this business advice. In fact, if you do a search on the internet for the best-selling products, you’ll see that supplements dominate. Almost 80% of these supplements are produced in the same contract factory. Entrepreneurs tell the features of the product they want and the factory produces the product with the desired features. Even the Ministry’s permission is obtained by these contract factories. It remains for you to sell the products you have produced with your own brand.

78. Styrofoam Manufacturing

Styrofoam Manufacturing

If you do research on factory start-up ideas, you should consider manufacturing Styrofoam. Styrofoam, which you can produce in a simple way, is in high demand in the market. Materials produced with plaster or different materials are no longer used due to cost. Nowadays, many products are made with Styrofoam and even exports are made by the factories. Taking over an existing business to start an initiative in this field will make your job easier.

79. Make Fair Consultancy

fair consultancy

Companies wishing to export abroad have the opportunity to promote their products at fairs. Participation in these fairs is organized by the organizing company and intermediary companies. These companies sell space to exporter companies with prices starting from an average of 1000 dollar per square meter. Of course, this applies not only to international fairs but also to domestic fairs. However, the price per m² is lower in domestic fairs. If you make the necessary investments in this field, you can have the opportunity to earn high profits both as an organizer and as an intermediary.

80. Selling Wholesale Products Abroad

Selling Wholesale Products Abroad

As mentioned above, selling products abroad offers higher profit opportunities than selling domestically. Especially in products such as textiles, food and construction materials, high profit margins await you. Of course, you need to be good with foreign trade for all this. In this way, you can sell the products you buy in TL abroad with a high dollar exchange rate.

81. Cargo Brokerage Service

Cargo Brokerage Service

Many people who sell products abroad are exposed to high shipping costs. However, some companies reduce these prices by making bulk shipping agreements with overseas shipping companies. For example; The shipping fee of 20$ is agreed as 10$. It serves people who sell abroad for $ 14. The 4$ profit in between will satisfy both you and the customer you give an affordable price.

82. Wall Decoration Products Sales

wall decoration products

When you look at the best-selling products on shopping sites, you can see the dominance of wall decor products. If you want to add richness to a product you will produce, wall decor products can be the best choice at this point. This is because the sales volume is high and consumers need to make continuous purchases. You can start producing in this area with wall clocks, mirrors, canvas paintings or different ideas.

83. Pergola Production

pergola systems building

The pergola system, which is especially needed by the restaurant and cafe sector, involves high costs in m². So much so that these prices vary between 400 $ and 900 $ per m². The construction of the pergola, which is a retractable ceiling system, is carried out with ready-made disassembled products. In other words, if you make the necessary investments, you can enter this business and receive orders from home and abroad.

84. Selling Subscription Package

subscription Package

There are subscription products available in the US and Europe. However, in Turkey, there are very few products that can be purchased by making monthly payments. The reason for this situation is both the lack of demand by the consumer and the lack of creativity by the producer. How so? For example; there are initiatives in America that sell underwear subscription system. Underwear in different colors and designs are sent every month. Unfortunately, this idea, which was also tried in Turkey, did not catch on. The reason for this is that this kind of subscription model does not fit Turkey, which is a city of cheap textiles. If you show yourself in this market with a more accurate product, you may have the opportunity to earn regular income.

85. Sell Followers

followers selling business idea

There are two methods of selling followers on the internet. One is those who sell these followers wholesale, and the others are those who act as intermediaries. You can buy 1000 Instagram followers wholesale for 0.2 $ The sale price of this follower to the end user varies between 2 $ and 3 $. So the opportunity to earn close to 1000%. Of course, if you want to make money with this business idea, you need to have an advertising budget that you can spend.

86. Earn Money with Applications

application business

The number of people who want to make money with mobile applications is quite high. So much so that every month, 18 thousand people search for ‘money-making applications’ on Google. Of course, new business ideas do not count. However, there are innovative applications that offer you the opportunity to make money. These applications are Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 100’s of applications. For details, you can review the article titled Money Making Applications.

87. Herbal Organic Soap Production

herbal organic soap

We know that it is the easiest of the production ideas to implement. To produce a soap, it is enough to combine 3 chemicals and add essence. You can start taking orders by marketing the soaps you have prepared with molds over the internet. However, do not forget that your competitors are too many. Since it is so easy to produce, it will be normal to have many competitors. For this reason, different techniques and essences that you will add to production can increase the number of orders you will receive. Of course, price is the most important factor.

88. Mobile Printing Service

mobile printing business

Many businesses need printed products. The simplest examples are brochures, business cards and printed products. For all these, it is more advantageous to order to the printers who come to their businesses rather than going to the places where the printers are located. If you want to make money with printing jobs, first agree with a printing house. You will be given prices that you can earn almost more than 100%. Create your own brochure with these prices and visit businesses one by one. Receiving orders from at least 3 businesses a day can earn you over 900 $ per month

89. Establishing a Local Magazine

establishing a local magazine

Interest in newspapers and magazines is decreasing every year. Of course, this is because of the interest in the internet. However, instead of distributing brochures to individual apartments, businesses prefer to advertise in local media outlets. At this point, you will have the power of local media with the magazine + website you will establish. Of course, you will need a serious investment budget for this. However, if you have skills in graphic design, printing and editing, these costs will be more affordable for you.

90. Association Consultancy

Association Consultancy

There are 112 thousand associations actively operating in Turkey. These associations are formed by civil society volunteers coming together for different purposes. However, there are many bureaucratic procedures such as the approval of the books of these associations, accounting and legal counseling. You can improve yourself in this regard and provide consultancy services to associations. Consultancy fees vary between 60 $ and 600 $.

91. Opening a Pet Hotel

pet hotel

When pet owners go out of town or far away from home, they look for a place to leave their pets. At this point, pet hotels meet the need. You can leave your pet in these overnight hotels for as many days as you want. Of course, if you are the one providing this service, a very good earning opportunity will be waiting for you. If you love pets, it will be the most enjoyable of business ideas.

92. Garden Design Service

garden design service

People who own a luxury detached house outsource garden design to specialized companies. Landscaping costs are a bit high. However, the money to be spent for this luxury area is the amount that will be sacrificed by the consumer. After all, people like to spend for the place where they will spend time. Your investment in garden landscaping and design can make you money. Although it is not among the new business ideas, the different designs you will make will add a great innovation to the sector.

93. Digital Astrology Consultancy

digital astrology consultancy

It will be easier and more enjoyable for you to earn an income in a sector you are interested in. You are lucky if this interest is in the field of astrology. Because if you are interested in the astrology sector and have a high number of followers on Instagram, you can earn money that can make you rich in a short time. You can determine your income method by sharing special birth chart calculation, daily horoscope, etc. to the followers you have obtained.

94. Mystery Shopper Service

mystery shopper service

To test their employees, business owners make agreements with companies that send mystery shoppers. These companies send customers to the business at certain times of the day and week and evaluate employees in different ways. This evaluation includes different types of tests, such as making trouble for the employee or making requests. If you are the company that sends mystery shoppers, you can enter this sector with the staff you will employ part time.

95. Vehicle Inspection Service

vehicle inspection service

For those who have a vehicle, going to a point outside the city for inspection is a great torment. Yes, almost 1 day is wasted for vehicle inspection. In addition, this process can be even longer if the necessary maintenance and tests are not performed. For this reason, people who do not want to be out of their current jobs contact companies that provide services in this field for the inspection of their vehicles. If you are looking for business ideas without capital, providing vehicle inspection services will be the best choice.

96. Windshield Replacement Service

windshield replacement service

Insurance companies give each vehicle the right to replace the windshield once a year. In other words, you can replace your windshield once a year free of charge. Auto glass replacement shops serving in this field also do not have customer problems. In other words, they first inform their customers and then collect their money from the insurance by changing the glass. If you have 30,000 $ capital, you can show up in this sector with the help of the personnel you will hire.

97. Opening a Detective Office

detective office

The reason why it is on the list of new business ideas is that detective work is not covered by any rules and laws. So there is no existing training or certification. It is a profession usually practiced by retired security forces. Activities such as finding a missing person, collecting evidence and information before divorce are carried out. If you have a supervision in this field, you can get the opportunity to become a detective with 6 months of training.

98. Investment Consultancy

investment consultancy

Today, there is more of an investment problem than a money problem. This is especially evident when money is invested in farm bank-style projects. Investors who don’t want their money to lose value don’t know where to put their money at this point. They can only invest in traditional investment instruments. However, they need to work with an expert investor for instruments such as VIOP, mutual funds, stocks, derivative markets, etc. Specialized investors, on the other hand, receive a share of the profit. If you have training in this field, you can earn high profits by providing investment consultancy.

99. Office Supplies Wholesaling

office supplies service

There are many companies serving the office sector. is the market leader among them. However, many offices and companies prefer face-to-face shopping rather than online shopping. This is especially true for the group we call SMEs. If you wholesale stationery supplies and by-products for the business, you will have a customer group that you can generate continuous income. Because the number of companies that serve with field sales in this field is almost non-existent.

100. Sales of Special Products for Professional Groups

special products for professional groups

Serving a single group increases your brand strength. It is also easier for your customers to show loyalty. Businesses selling materials such as police supplies, military supplies and healthcare products are the biggest examples at this point. Of course, you can further elaborate these examples. To serve such professional groups, you should open a shop and be active on the internet. Opening a website and selling on Instagram would be a good start.

101. Apartment Management Service

apartment management service

In many apartment buildings, there are problems in finding a manager and getting in-house services done. These problems are usually solved with managers appointed from outside. These managers are appointed by companies that provide management services. So much so that when you visit these companies, you can witness that a single person manages more than 10 apartments with automation. Of course, this situation offers the opportunity to earn high income in a short time with the dues obtained.

102. Corporate Gift Service

corporate gift service

On special occasions, corporate companies give their employees gifts with the company logo. These gifts are purchased from promotion and gift companies that offer catalogs to companies. Orders containing figures such as 500 to 50,000 pieces at a time are placed. As the demand in this field is intense, the number of companies providing services is also high. However, companies that make creative products are one step ahead in this field. In the list of new business ideas, it is among the most profitable business ideas.

103. Corporate Entertainment Organization

corporate engagement decorating service

It is not possible to find information about corporate entertainment organizing, which is among the original business ideas, on the internet. However, you can reach companies that provide services in this field. With corporate entertainment, it is aimed to get away from the boring work tempo of the employees and to relax them. However, loyalty to companies increases with organized entertainment. You must have a large team and program to serve in this field and earn money. If you run successful organizations, you will have the opportunity to work with companies for a long time.

104. Hydroponic Agriculture

Hydroponic Agriculture

To increase yields in agriculture, you need to switch to hydroponics. The Netherlands exports over 90 billion dollars annually with such modern agricultural methods. The soilless farming method, which has started especially in the Antalya region, is increasing in different provinces. Of course, the variety of products that can be grown is a bit limited. The transition to this method, which provides high yield increases especially in strawberries, tomatoes, etc., will be costly at the beginning. However, the increased productivity rate will allow you to amortize your capital in a short time.
For more information:

105. Mobile Sofa Cleaning Service

mobile sofa cleaning service

Sofa cleaning companies are in great demand, especially in the summer months. Because the dirt that penetrates the inside of the seat must be cleaned by a specialist. Polishing machine and special cleaning chemicals are used during cleaning. Of course, this situation varies according to the seat. If it is a valuable seat, the chemical and machine you use can wear out the area you process. In this field, you can buy the necessary machines and enter the sector by making sample applications. With the customer base you will obtain in a short time, you can rise to the position to employ staff.

106. Gas honeycombs Cleaning Service

gas honeycomb cleaning service

In order for natural gas honeycombs to provide better heat, both the boiler should be maintained and the honeycombs should be cleaned. This cleaning is carried out by cleaning the interior with a chemical liquid. Instead of the dirty water in the honeycomb, clean water is pumped in, allowing the honeycomb to heat up more easily. You need to buy a machine to perform all these operations. These machine prices start from 300 $ on average. You can provide boiler maintenance + honeycomb cleaning service by receiving the necessary training and certificates. Fees vary between 10 and 30 $.

107. Wedding Photography

wedding photography

If you understand photography, photographing people’s special days can make you a brand in this field. Especially before and after the wedding shooting fee starts from 55 dollar. These fees are valid for the middle class. Finding venues suitable for shooting and starting to advertise in this field will be a good move to enter the sector. Providing service only before and after the wedding will increase the number of customers in this direction. You can get new customers by posting your shots on Instagram.

108. Content Creation with Patreon

content creating business idea

If you have knowledge about a subject, you can get subscribers in exchange for the articles you write. There are writers in Turkey who earn over $1000 per month through Patreon. The purpose of this site is to enable independent writers or content producers to earn money. For example, if you are a journalist or you are writing something that will help people, your followers should be curious to read it. Or they want to support you.

109. Social Media Management Service

social media management

To be active on social media, professional posts need to be made. This is especially true for companies. Because sharing only with the phone, untimely posts and the lack of a program will cause failure. Professional service should be obtained to increase followers and interact with the target audience. You can develop yourself in this field and provide social media consultancy services. In the list of business ideas, it is among the most demanded ideas.

110. Online Comment Service

online comment services

Many people examine the comments of the companies before getting a service. Positive or negative comments affect our decision making. Companies that know this, in order not to lose their customers, buy external comment service. Such services are carried out through task make money sites or virtual computers. To enter this sector where you can earn 60 $ and more per day, you should visit webmaster sites.

111. Recycling Sector

recycling sector business idea

If you are looking for innovative business ideas related to renewable energy and products, this sector is for you. Recycling a raw material will generate more revenue than buying it. This is because product costs are rising. Of course, the high exchange rate is also related to this. To enter the recycling sector, you need to make an agreement with large collection depots. Then it will continue with a recycling facility.

112. Gift Box Production

gift boxes production

In order to make the gift products sold look beautiful, putting them in luxury gift boxes increases sales figures. People who produce gift boxes have the problem of keeping up with production at this point. Generally, in special orders received from individual sellers and companies, an average of 0.1 $ is earned per box produced. With the order of 1000 pieces you will receive daily, you will earn 900 $.

113. Opening a Local Products Shop

local product shop

The demand for organic foods is increasing. At this point, the number of enterprises to meet the demand is small. This is because organic products are replaced by fabricated products that are easier to produce. In order to eliminate the problem and deficiency at this point, it is possible to start production in a place like a village or town. Or you can open a local products shop by supplying products from people who make this kind of production.

In the article titled “New Business Ideas 2022”, we have listed the business ideas you can do. Remember that the income you can earn will increase with the support you will add to the ideas on this list. Thinking more creatively and investing in original ideas should always be your first goal. If you like our article, you can support us by commenting.

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