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Opening an Antique Shop | How to open an antique shop?

If you want to open an antique shop, first of all, you should not look at this business as a source of income. You need to have a wealth of knowledge to sell items, objects or materials that are old and have left a mark in history. Many people who start this business and earn income do antiques as a hobby. This is also the right thing. Because if you say I will earn a monthly income by selling antique products, you are wrong. It should be done by people who want long-term investment and have knowledge. With the increase in online auctions in recent days, the number of people who ask how to become an antique dealer has also increased. In this article, I would like to tell you the ways you need to follow to open an antique shop.

Opening an Antique Shop
Opening an Antique Shop

It is not possible to get antiques training from anywhere. You either learn this business through apprenticeship or you have to build your life on this hobby. Many antique shop owners say that they spent their childhood in flea markets and auctions. A long period of experience in such environments, combined with a degree in art history and archaeology, can lead to specialized knowledge. If you want to open an antique shop, I think you have an interest in such old and artistic products.

In the antique sector, you may encounter many counterfeit and unwanted products. For example; There are many products aimed at deceiving consumers such as Persian carpets, wooden frames, signed paintings and tumbled tiles. You need to understand these products as you will make high-priced purchases and sales. Since antiques is a profession passed down from father to son and grandson, reputation is very important in this sector. The purchase of antiques is done by a certain group of people. If there is any negative situation, this will affect your personal brand value. Now let’s take a detailed look at what you need to do to open an antique shop.

Opening an Antique Shop

Opening an Antique shop
Antique Shop

At the beginning of our article, we mentioned that you should consider antiquing as a hobby rather than a business. Yes, you cannot have a monthly income in this sector. You may not even work for 1 year. However, the income you will earn in 1 month or 1 day can save your whole year. Many antique shop owners know this rule. In fact, many of them spend their free time visiting auctions, auctions and antique markets instead of sitting in the shop.

To open an antique shop and generate income, you need to define a niche for yourself. Who will you cater to? Collectibles, decoration or objects. Many antique dealers work in partnership with architects and collect more decor items. Collecting antiques is as important as selling them. Many antique dealers also work with antique dealers. For example; you can see many antique dealers with carts in antique bazaar. You need an enormous amount of knowledge to buy these products.

Not everything that is 300-500 years old is an antique. For example; a piece of wood or iron alone is not an antique. The engravings, carvings and patterns on them determine their value. Many countries have different perspectives on antiques. However, despite this, they are not valued enough. In the world, countries such as England, America, France and Belgium take the lead in antiquities. This is completely related to purchasing power.

If you want to open an antique shop, you must first have a certain background and knowledge. Many antique dealers started this business as a hobby. It is even possible to see a retired doctor, businessman or heir of a rich person who owns an antique shop. Antique products purchased as a hobby at the beginning do not fit in the house as they accumulate. You should exhibit them in a shop to display and enrich them with different products. For the antique collector, the interest in the items he collects is a source of pride. For this reason, this hobby leads many antique dealers to open a shop. There are people who open a shop in antique bazaar just to exhibit their products.

Most Sold Antique Products

In fact, while things used to be bright in antiques, now they are getting worse. The reason is the decrease in purchasing power. Antique collecting is usually done by the middle class. Nowadays, antique collections from grandfather or father are mostly sold.

When this is the case in antiques, the shopkeepers inevitably tend to buy only selling products. This is through opening a shop with decoration products. Many antique dealers work in partnership with interior architects. In fact, we can say that they have been the only source of work. Antique products such as paintings, halos, furniture, vases and chandeliers are sold more than other objects.

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Is It Possible to Study Antiques Dealing?

It is not enough to study any department to become an antique dealer. There is no such department anyway. You can combine art history, literature, archaeology and other disciplines. However, unless you blend this with experience, the education you receive is insufficient. You need to touch and be among these products for years. To have an idea about antiquing, you need to work in an antique store and grow up next to the master. Of course, do not demand any fee for working. There are no salaried staff in this sector.

How to Become an Antique Dealer?

Antique dealer
Antique Dealer
  • You should look at antiquing as a hobby rather than a means of making money.
  • You should evaluate your investment by constantly buying antique products.
  • You need at least 10 years of knowledge and experience.
  • You need to connect with many antique markets, auctions and auctions.
  • You should improve yourself by reading many local and foreign books on antiques.
  • You can try to specialize in a certain field of antiques.
  • Your goal should be to be in this sector for the long term.
  • Do not stop improving yourself and examine many new resources.
  • Do not sell your products below their value unless you have a cash crunch.
  • To get antiquarian training, work for free with a master who has spent years in this business.
  • Improve yourself in material and micron examination.
  • Visit different antique shops. Try to get to know everyone operating in this sector.
  • Open a website and organize continuous auctions and auctions to become a brand in this field.

The documents required vary for each municipality. The part that we have noted as a collector’s certificate must be obtained for collecting cultural and natural assets. It is not mandatory to obtain this document to open an antique shop. The document is only required for historical artifacts.

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Suggestions for those who want to open an antique shop

open an Antique shop
antique shop
  • If you want to become an antique dealer, keep in mind that this is a long-term adventure. You may need to devote your whole life to this business.
  • You cannot open an antique shop with a small capital. This business requires a capital of at least 1000 to 250,000 $.
  • You should also look long-term for earnings in this profession. With the sale you will make in 1 day, you can take out your 2-year income at once. Patience is a must for this business.
  • You can come across enormous artifacts from places you never expected. Do not forget that the Spooner’s diamond was found by a paper seller.
  • If you want to open an antique shop, be sure to open a shop where many antique dealers are together or in touristy places. Yes, sometimes you will need to earn money to survive. It is easier to do business in such places.
  • You can collect antique products from abroad for your customers. Many antique dealers bring products from England and France.

We have come to the end of our article titled “Opening an antique shop and how to become an antique dealer.”

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