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Opening a Flower Shop | Cost and Profit of Opening a Flower Shop

Especially on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, there is an increase in the number of people who want to open a florist shop. We may see this from the increase in search volume on Google. Yes, floristry is both enjoyable and profitable business ideas. Opening a flower shop is not as easy as other shop opening ideas. You need design, visualization, marketing and knowledge about plants. Although it is said that companies killed the sector, it is quite easy to earn high income from this business for the entrepreneur who knows his business. Now we will give you all the information about opening a flower shop, the cost of opening a flower shop.

open a flower shop
open a florist shop

Unfortunately, many flower shops are run by people who do not like this business. Those who do not like this business; neither satisfy their customers nor themselves. Negative comments on sites that sell flowers online come entirely because of such florists. These florists, whose aim is only to make money, are after selling the product they have. It can cause special days to end negatively. However, if you love flowers, if you say you enjoy doing this job, be sure you are on the right track. The one who does the job well will always win.

Even if you don’t know the job, being enthusiastic and willing is enough to make arrangements and prepare flowers. For this, you first need to get training. Florist has passed into our language from English and means florist. Experts in this sector use this title for themselves. As a result of the training you receive, you are considered a candidate to become an expert florist. So how will you get this training?

There are many floral design schools or workshops for those who want to open a florist shop. Of course not only workshops. You can get information about this subject on online sites, especially on Youtube. Of course, things are not as easy as training in a workshop or school. When you receive flower design training in the workshop, you are given more practical training. So you produce different designs with trial and error method. All details are transferred to you in every subject. Now let’s share all the details for those who say how to open a flower shop.

Opening a Flower Shop

open a flower shop business idea
open a flower shop

For the uninitiated, there are 2 options for opening a flower shop. Either you get training and open a flower shop from scratch. Or you can buy a flower shop and be trained by the person who takes it over.

When you take over a flower shop, it is unclear whether the seller will train you or not. It all depends on your agreement. But be sure that you will not have a very difficult job waiting for you. Because many products for sale are supplied from different producers. For example; Products such as Bonsai, Terrarium, Orchid, Cactus and Anthurium come ready-made. You design the vase and arrangement. Of course, these are not the only products you sell. Small houseplants in tiny pots are also included.

Many souvenirs are also sold in flower shops. There are tiny teddy bears, heart pillow, special picture gifts, gift cards, chocolate style products. Now let’s get to the point. If you are going to take over a flower shop, don’t be intimidated by this situation. It will not be difficult to learn or succeed. Of course, if you want to be an ordinary florist.

No, I want to be a professional in my business. If you say you’ll do whatever it takes, get an education. This does not only apply to opening a flower shop. In every business, training will take you further. If you sink or lose, know that it is due to lack of knowledge. Investing in yourself before opening a business is the most logical move. Therefore, you should agree with the flower design school and get training. Before getting training, be sure to read the comments on related platforms. Because you can see very negative, fraudulent comments about people called famous florists.

Now let’s move on to how to open a florist shop.

How to Open a Flower Shop

How to Open a Flower Shop
how to open a florist shop
  • First of all, the size, neighborhood and location of the flower shop you will open will determine the capital limit you will allocate. It is not advisable to make a high investment at the beginning, as these are products that fade quickly. Yes, you can have products that do not fade and are souvenirs. However, you should be careful when allocating capital for flowers. You will be informed about this when you will receive training.
  • Now comes the stage of creating a roadmap. You need to make a business plan. Like getting training, taking over or buying a florist franchise. What you will do, you should write it down in detail from A to Z and put it on paper. Of course, your goals should be among these notes. So what is your ultimate goal. Are you in this business just to support yourself or to open long-term branches? Write down all your goals.
  • Now you are ready to rent a shop. In the past you could see 3-4 florists side by side opposite the hospital. Even now there are hospitals like this. But you don’t have to do the same. This is nothing but paying unnecessary rent. For this reason, you should know that most flowers are sold online and in areas with dense workplaces. Being located in an area with plazas can be more advantageous than being across the street from a hospital. However, find a business with a suitable rent on the street or side street.
  • After renting a shop, you need to get a tax certificate. For this, you can get your tax plate within 2 days by agreeing with an accountant.
  • After getting the tax plate, you are ready for shelf, showcase, signboard and business design. Agree with professionals for all these designs. You can get what you need and make your shop ready in a way that will not cost you a second time.
  • Now it’s time to buy products. There are supply companies for florists. They sell wholesale flowers and side gift products. So you don’t need to enter flower exchanges at the beginning. You can get flowers from them and buy ancillary gift products from wholesalers.
  • Your business is now ready for opening. Now comes the marketing phase. Opening a flower shop is not about making sales by waiting. You must master the online sectors. For example; you must be serving on instagram. There are companies on Instagram that do business in a good way. Like them, you can appeal to your environment and increase your sales.

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Cost of Opening a Flower Shop

Although the cost items depend on you, you need at least 2000 dollar capital. The upper limit of the capital varies depending on you. You can be more luxurious or a bigger player in the sector. You do not need to take such a responsibility at the beginning. You can start locally and grow over time by serving websites and communities around you.

Rent, deposit, real estate agent commission, license expenses and fixtures will be your biggest expenses in the beginning. The flowers you will sell will not be a big cost in the beginning. Only the cost of gift products may increase depending on you. If you want to increase your online sales, you should invest in such products. Especially examine the designs with teddy bears on the cylinder box and square box. Today, such products sell more.

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How Much Does a Flower Shop Earn

Here, your monthly profit depends on the customer base you will serve. While you make low profits on orders you receive through online channels, the profit you make from your own customers is high. We can say that a florist shop with a monthly turnover of 3000 $ makes a net profit of at least 1000 $. Whether this net profit increases or decreases depends entirely on the operator.

You can increase your earnings by saving or reducing quality. However, in the long run, this will reflect negatively on you. It makes more sense to increase the customer base with a low profit margin and earn by reducing the price of the products you buy wholesale. For example; The wholesale price you will receive for 100 flowers will not be the same as the price you will receive for 1000 flowers.

How to Obtain a Florist Mastery Certificate

To open a flower shop, you need to have a master’s certificate. So do all florists get a master’s certificate?

No, they don’t. They process their licenses as a souvenir shop, not a florist. Actually, it may seem kind of logical. After all, they operate in the gift sector. Later, they switch to the field of floristry.

These documents may vary depending on the municipality you are in. Or there may be some rules that have been changed. The best decision is to go to the municipality and get information from related authorizations.

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Suggestions for Those Who Want to Open a Flower Shop

How to Open a Flower Shop
How to Open a Flower Shop
  • To open a flower shop, you should definitely examine the decorations and interior architecture of the surrounding shops. You can copy the good things you see in them for your own business.
  • Your customers knock on your door on days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, weddings, openings, celebrations, new business gifts or Father’s Day. Take care to provide a service that will not embarrass them.
  • Floristry is a difficult job to do just by watching videos without training. Be sure to invest in yourself and get training.
  • Rose varieties, orchids, anthuriums, bonsai, wildflowers, daisies and potted plants are the most popular products. Keep the best-selling products in your business.
  • Be sure to offer business cards to your customers. Regionally advertise on instagram. If you do not use online channels, it is very difficult to make money.
  • Get dealership from related Florist sites and make agreements. Although your profit margin is low, it will provide additional turnover.

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