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40 Creative Advertisement Posters

Creative Advertisement Posters.
In today’s attention span world, using eye-catching ads to attract attention has become a necessity. Of course, getting your product or brand to stand out is hard work. Below, we have listed the most remarkable and inspiring 71 advertising posters for you. As you can see, although each uses very different tactics to convey their message, they have one thing in common: excellent storytelling skills.

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1. Let the place inspire you.

Together with VITRO, ASICS, the sponsor of the 2015 Los Angeles Marathon, has launched a great advertising campaign using Los Angeles icons. In the advertising campaign by Stuart Rowbottom and Mike Campau, iconic places such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Capitol Records building, the Hollywood sign are placed on the sole of an ASICS shoe.

02. Combine images for optical illusion

Love Agency’s striking campaign for the Mint Vinetu book store in Lithuania combines the faces of the readers with the book covers.

03. Don’t tell, show.

DDB Brazil created this simple yet effective campaign for FedEx. Continental maps are placed on buildings to convey their message.

4. Use individual pieces that reveal your product.

In this award-winning campaign by Cannes Lion for Harley Davidson parts and accessories, motorcycle parts come together to reveal portraits of motorcycle owners. Brock Davis and Eric Sorensen for the creators of this concept.

05. Find creative ways to highlight one side of your product, such as using colors.

In this advertisement by Serviceplan for Faber-Castell, colored pencils are color-matched to real-life animals and objects.

06. Play with Proportion.

This ad attracts a lot of attention, but it can also be frightening. Playing with the proportions isn’t always pretty, but it sure won’t take people’s eyes off.

07. Exaggerate to give your message.

You can come up with interesting concepts by using exaggeration. In this ad by Saatchi & Saatchi, Ariel makes the shirt so white that it blocks the shadow.

08. Show how you make your customer’s life easier.\

How does your product make your customer’s life easier? This ad, which Eric Schoeffler, Chief Creative Director of DDB Tribal Berlin, created with his team for Volkswagen, does just that. They made the ad to increase sales of optional features they offer for new cars. Your ad will look great if it’s a product where you can add some humor.

09. Be creative in the details.

The online download bar in this ad was used in MTV’s campaign against pirated music downloads. In this way, it was aimed to explain how fans harm their favorite musicians by playing their music. Using creative details will give life to an image that isn’t interesting on its own. Patrick Ackmann is the Creative Director of this cool project for MTV Europe.

10. Play with the unexpected.

DDB Brazil’s Creative Directors Sergio Valente and Rodolfo Sampaio created this creative ad for Zoo Safari. Its motto, ‘Blend In’ (mix, be harmonious) suits the visuals very well. In other images that will make you look back on the project, a man is united with a gorilla, while a tiger is preferred in the other image.

11.  Emphasize the problem – what if you can use colors as well.

The team at TBWA/Istanbul aimed to increase the sales of IKEA’s cabinet arrangement products by emphasizing the smallness of cabinet spaces in this brightly colored advertisement designed for IKEA.

12. Use popular culture.

Bruce Banner needed the flexible Band-Aid the most. J. Walter Thompson Dubai featured one of the most beloved Marvel superheroes, the Hulk, in this standout ad. In this way, they managed to emphasize the useful side of the product in a way that is not boring at all.

13.Use an unexpected perspective.

In this advertisement by BBDO Spain for the WWF, endangered animals are housed in an auto mechanic’s garage. This perspective fits well with WWF’s slogan ‘Extinction is irreparable’. The fact that it was shot from above added a unique perspective.

14.Edit photos to create clever effects.

Josh Moore Schicks, Y&R New Zealand’s Chief Creative Magazine, featured sweet and furry creatures in these commercials instead of beards.

15.Embody your marketing character.

Do you know your customer’s or your ideal marketing character? You can bring this character to life, as Creative Director David Oldfield did for LifeProof.

16. Show your customers that you understand them.

Consider your target audience — where do they live? What are they doing? In this ad campaign by Ogilvy for Ford Fusion, the car is shown as one of the explorers touring the city.

17. Attack the enemy.

Instead of showing how white Colgate can make teeth and emphasizing the solution, Young & Rubicam brought the problem to the fore. The replacement of teeth with cigarettes, coffee and tea bags, which are the biggest enemies of tooth appearance, attracts your attention in a very different way.

18. Use white space (in this case blue).

Created by the Zink Project in Spain, this ad uses a striking color to fill in the ‘white’ spaces. In Volkswagen Sharan’s advertisements, colors fill 75 percent of the advertisement.

19. Play with the measure.

The aim of this project, initiated by California State University, is to emphasize the advantages of owning a Mini Cooper. By exaggerating the story of being small and adapting to the environment, they created a magical world where cars are side by side with ladybugs.

20. Mix contexts.

Cupcakes in the shape of cats, dogs in the shape of a loaf of bread. The Lowe agency in Jakarta showed a humorous take on the Lifebuoy hand soap campaign, with the slogan ‘you eat what you touch’.

21. Use interesting illustrations.

In this 2014 advertisement prepared by Black Swan Life for the Crusoe Men underwear collection, illustrations reflecting their lifestyles were placed on the sleeping men.

22. Appeal to consumers’ emotions.

In this advertising campaign by Lowe China’s Golden Lion award-winning Shanghai General Motors/Buick, people who have actually been injured in car crashes stand in the middle of the road holding up traffic signs that the drivers who injure themselves ignore. The motto of this safety campaign is “There’s a reason there are traffic signs”.

23. Humanize the object.

This eye-catching ad campaign for Australia Post by M&C Saatchi reminds people how they feel when they receive a letter from a loved one.

24.Use straight logic creatively.

In WWF’s ‘Hand on the Wild’ campaign, images are placed on a real hand.

25.Alter photos to create meaning with details.

Creative Director Julian Watt and her team created this ad for the Fire Protection Association to raise public awareness of fires in Australia.

26. Engage your audience with well-known icons.

The Bahia government, together with the Brazilian advertising agency Leiaute Propaganda, launched this ad campaign to draw attention to deaths and accidents related to smartphone use. Each ad uses the icon of a social media network instead of important traffic signs.

27.Use one powerful image to give the key concept.

Nicolas Baillargeon was given the task of reflecting the essence of the spicy Tabasco sauce with visuals. This human-made volcano image more than fulfills that.

28. Use the product itself to create the image.

The meeting of minimalism with pasta. Showing spaghetti in the form of fireworks was very suitable for Barilla’s New Year’s advertising campaign.

29.Use the fantasy element.

Fahrenheit DDB Peru received two Bronze Lion awards with this advertisement for Dukto sink openers.

30. Give the ad copy the lead role.

Miami Ad School Europe has created an advertising campaign for Ricola by combining this humorous ad copy written by Daniel Bloomberg and vibrant colors.

31.Let famous works of art inspire your concept.

Jung von Matt Hamburg’s advertising campaign featuring Lego’s slogan ‘Create’ was inspired by Michelangelo’s famous Creation of Adam.

32. Be minimal.

This minimalistic ad for Bayer Asprin by Adolfo Murillo delivers the message in a simple yet beautiful way.

33. Consider where your ad will appear.

This outdoor advertisement designed by Ogilvy Malaysia for Lego does not only use the environment it is in, but also makes the environment a part of the advertisement.

34. Use superhero.

Kreatif Direktör Marco Gpe BMV için hazırladığı reklamda DC süper kahramanı olan ve hızıyla ünlü Flash’i kullanmış.

35. Combine well-known icons.

Although Alexandre Tissier has not commissioned this ad for Lego, which combines Lego characters such as Spider Bond, Homerine and Iron Bat, we think she should definitely use it.

36. Use your product to design something instantly recognizable.

Geometry Global Hong Kong has recreated the artworks using Legos.

37. Use visual metaphors.

Red Cell Milan’ın New York Film Akademisine yeni senaryo yazımı öğrencilerini çekmek için hazırladığı bu kampanyada buruşturulmuş kağıtlar patlamış mısır yerine kullanılmış.

38.Use simple design concepts to show the big differences.

Designed by Manifest Utilita, these posters combine plain visuals and linear design to emphasize gender equality.

39.Show and explain how the product solves the problem.

This ad campaign for STIHL uses imagery created with words and shows how paper shredders and blowers destroy bad news.

40. Be daring.

With Chris Garbutt of Ogilvy and Creative Director of Mather Paris, this ad used graffiti and animals to convey its message.

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