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What is Entrepreneurship Definition? Who is called an entrepreneur?

What is entrepreneurship? In the most general terms, this concept is the breakthrough made by a person who takes the risk and establishes a business with the aim of profit. Entrepreneurship definition is a topic that has been frequently mentioned everywhere in recent years. With the development of technology, people have started to make breakthroughs to realize the projects in their heads. The heavy working conditions in corporate companies and the idea of earning more money generally push people to make new initiatives.

Who is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who brings together the elements of production under the most profitable conditions in order to produce goods and services. He takes risks and realizes his business project. The entrepreneur earns money but also produces economic value. It also provides employment to other people. The combination of talent, accumulation and courage creates the entrepreneur.

Qualities of an Entrepreneur

One should be able to take firm but courageous steps in entrepreneurship and starting a business. He/she should start a business in a field in which he/she has confidence and knowledge. The entrepreneur should have foresight, be able to step back and start again when necessary and take full responsibility for his/her work. In addition, he/she should be able to evaluate the results of his/her business in a good way, be creative, optimistic and constantly generate new ideas. In general, an entrepreneur should be able to motivate others and have leadership qualities. People with a drive and passion for success can be ideal entrepreneurs. They should also be able to see opportunities, love their work and be open to new ideas. These people like to work independently, identify areas of profit, invest for social purposes, provide employment and want to establish business lines parallel to their own abilities. When entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship examples are examined, these characteristics can be observed.

Brands’ Definitions of Entrepreneurship

Apple girişimciliği; eski kuralları çağdaş yeniliklerle yorumlayan ve aksiyona geçiren beceri olarak tanımlar. Microsoft; fayda ve prestij odaklı tüm eylemlerin kesiştiği nokta olarak ifade eder. Pfizer; bireyle yetinmeyen, siyaseti kamu yararı aksiyona yönlendiren beceri olarak tanımlar. İkea; fikir üreten sıra dışı yöntemleri takdis eden anlayış der. Google ise; geçmişi gelecekle birleştiren ve şimdiyi yaratan yetenek olarak ifade eder.

Is Entrepreneurship Self-Employment?

A person who risks his/her own labor and capital is an entrepreneur, but nowadays this definition has changed a little more, and the formations that try to grow with venture capitalists and angel investor ecosystem and where the uncertainty environment is intense are called enterprises.

What is the Key to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur?

First of all, you should determine your idea well. You should make a market analysis related to the sector you will enter. First of all, you should do what you know. You need to answer the question of how to make the best use of your own capital. For this reason, use your capital well. Do not give up no matter how many mistakes you make. Take care not to make the same mistake again. And most importantly, always think about the next step.

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