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5 Super Ways to Make Money from Tiktok! [2022]

Make money from Tiktok? Yes, it is easier than ever! It provides a serious earning opportunity, especially due to its intensive use in the United States.

You have the opportunity to earn serious money with Tiktok, which has become one of the most used social media platforms in our country in the last year.

Tik Tok, a social video platform based in China, has started to be used very intensively in USA with its aggressive advertising policy. After downloading Tiktok, a mobile application with more than 600 million downloads, you can create a profile with a few simple steps and then create and share videos for free.

You can even start shooting videos a few seconds after creating a profile for free through Tiktok. These videos fall into the discovery of users according to certain interests and you can get followers if your videos are liked. Due to being among the popular social media platforms, Tiktok has recently started to attract the attention of businesses. In this direction, Tiktok monetization options have started to increase day by day.

There are 5 super easy ways to make money from Tiktok. Each of these includes different opportunities. Therefore, no matter what level you are at; you have the opportunity to make money through Tiktok.


Tiktok has recently been used very intensively in our country, especially among young people. In this direction, you can use your videos and profile to make e-commerce for young people. On Tiktok, where you can create short videos, you can use some videos for product promotions. You can also direct your viewers to your e-commerce store by placing a link on your Tiktok profile.

One of the most recommended ways to make money through Tiktok is e-commerce. However, if you are going to turn to e-commerce, you should focus especially on products for young people. The products that the traffic on Tiktok will be most interested in are clothing and technology. In addition, various clothing products also reach serious sales figures from Tiktok. This allows opportunities to increase day by day.


One of the methods that will allow you to make money through Tik tok is to find sponsors. However, to find sponsors on Tiktok, you must have exceeded the threshold of at least 50 thousand followers. Recently, many of the brands that sponsor through Tiktok demand a minimum of 50 thousand followers.

After finding a sponsor on Tiktok, brands usually send you various products to include in your videos. You need to meet the demands of your sponsors in an appropriate way by using these products in harmony with your videos.
Once you have found several sponsors, you will be able to generate more income through your referrals. Therefore, it is recommended that you make a constant effort to please your sponsors.


You don’t earn money as your videos are watched on Tiktok, but you can earn income through the monetization system on Youtube. If your videos are watched on Tiktok and you manage to get followers, you can direct your viewers to this channel by opening a channel on Youtube. In this way, you can make money on Youtube.

If you don’t know how to make money on Youtube, we strongly recommend you to take a look at Youtube Monetization guide.


Make money from Internet – Live Stream

One of the ways to make money on Tiktok that can make you rich is to broadcast live. You can earn money in amounts you can’t even imagine from live broadcasts made through Tiktok. In recent years, even in our country, there are Tiktokers who have earned millions of lira just by broadcasting live on Tiktok.

Tiktok has given users the opportunity to receive gifts during live broadcasts through the live broadcast section opened to all users. In short, users who watch your live broadcast can send you gifts ranging from a few cents to thousands of dollars. Of course, you need to attract attention to receive these gifts. If you don’t know where and how to start, you can watch existing live streams and discover how they earn gifts.

Sometimes it’s enough to put on a good show, sing a nice song and chat aimlessly. The important thing is that your subscribers like you and want to support you.

Gifts are purchased through Tokens uploaded to Tiktok.

How much money can you make from Tik Tok?

On average, each coin costs 15 cents. You should therefore take this amount into account when buying the gifts below. Tiktok deducts 30 percent from the gifts received. So when you buy one of the gifts below, you will earn around 10 cents per coin.


Making money from social media

One of the ways to make money online is to grow social media accounts and either sell or advertise these accounts. Users who have a large following on Tiktok are often directed to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account by users. For this reason, if you can become a phenomenon on Tiktok, your other social media accounts will grow directly and you can earn money by selling these social media accounts or by advertising. Especially advertisements for Instagram accounts have reached the highest level in the last period.


Tiktok is among the most used social video platforms in our country recently. You need to shoot quality and entertaining videos to be successful on Tiktok, which is especially used intensively by the 17 – 24 age range.

Different tags are popular on Tiktok for certain minutes, hours or days. Shooting videos using these tags is one of the most effective ways to reach more users at the same time.

To be successful on Tiktok, you need to make videos frequently. If you don’t make videos often, your chances of being featured in Tiktok’s trending videos section are reduced. You also need to use catchy and popular music in your videos.

Another way to become a phenomenon on the popular social video platform is to connect with viewers and provide them with an enjoyable time. Once you do this, you will notice your followers increase rapidly. Remember to stick to entertaining videos in general.


Getting subscribers on Tiktok is vital for making money. Since all subscribers come from your profile page, you need to perfect your profile. Your profile will be where you give your first impression to many people, so you need to learn to stand out from the crowd.

A good and short username. You will need a great description that reflects your creativity and an eye-catching profile photo. Also, link your other social media accounts to your Tiktok profile. This will make you look more professional and provide more detailed information for users who want to subscribe.

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