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25 New Halal Business Ideas for High Profit in 2022

In Arabic, the word halal refers to something that is acceptable and legitimate. Thus, halal enterprises are those businesses that are legally allowed in Islam and are ideally suitable for those who trust in the Muslim religion. The most lucrative halal business prospects and concepts that one can start with little capital are included below in this post.

Worldwide, several Halal company concepts are profitable. By 2024, the market for halal products will grow to a size of over $2.5 trillion, predicts Statista.

Halal business ideas cover a wide range of products and services. Depending on your capabilities and convenience, you can select any of them.

Halal company concepts that can be run online are another option. Halal businesses can also be executed from home. Consequently, you have a lot of choices.

25 Halal Enterprise Concepts

Business Ideas

1.  Halal Food Truck

One of the most successful Halal business concepts is the halal food truck. With little investment, you may launch a food truck business that serves Islamically approved cuisine. You can provide a wide variety of Halal foods in your food truck. Either you are an expert cook or you employ someone who is. Drive your food truck to busy places like businesses, schools, etc. You’ll make more money if you advertise both online and off, as well as by word of mouth.

2. Food Services

if you are passionate about cooking A halal business idea for you can be a catering service. Prepare delectable Halal food and distribute it to various customers, including offices, homes, celebrations, etc. You will gain more customers if your food is of high quality, is delivered on time, and is packaged well. Personal connections and social media publicity are also beneficial in addition to that.

3. Classes in Halal Cooking

If you are a skilled cook, offering cooking lessons is a great Halal business idea for you. There is high demand for halal cooking classes. You can instruct pupils at home, in public spaces, or through a virtual platform like Zoom or Duo, for example. For this business to expand, effective marketing and public relations are crucial.

4. A fitness consulting firm

Halal business ideas that are profitable include fitness consulting. You can start this business if you are a certified fitness professional. As a fitness consultant, you can support your clients in living a healthy lifestyle, eating right, and engaging in physical activity. You can conduct fitness consulting from your training facility or gym. If not, you can also offer online consulting. Effective offline and internet marketing will aid in the expansion of your company.

5. Travel company

Travel agencies are a successful Halal business concept. As a Halal travel agency, you may plan trips for your customers to a variety of locations throughout the globe while adhering to Halal values. This agreement will include things like local tours, accommodation and flight reservations, etc. To attract more customers, your travel agency needs a website. Furthermore, strategic marketing is crucial.

6. Childcare Facility

A potential Halal business idea for you is a Halal child care center given the rise in the number of Muslim couples who work outside the home. In addition to the typical child care amenities, your Halal child care center must provide the kids Halal meals. Personal connections, online and offline marketing, and networking are all crucial for the expansion of your company.

7. Muslim blogging

If you are a skilled writer and are well-versed in Islamic customs and values, starting a blog is a fantastic Halal business idea for you. Write in a captivating and appealing manner to get young readers to your site. In the blog, you can also explore a wide range of general themes including job openings, company concepts, or social causes. Online publicity is a useful tool for growing your blog’s readership.

8. Virtual Helper

If you are familiar with office procedures and have a knack for English, working as a virtual assistant is an excellent Halal business idea for you. A virtual assistant is needed by many Islamic organizations. Additionally, you might work as a virtual assistant for other organizations. You can attract a sizable clientele via online marketing and social media promotion.

9. Bed and Breakfast

Being a bed and breakfast provider is a fantastic Halal business concept. You can start this business and welcome countless Muslim tourists and travelers if you have a spare room in your home. You must serve food prepared in accordance with the Halal guidelines in your Halal bed and breakfast. You can increase your consumer base through effective networking, online and offline promotion, and registration with networks like Airbnb or other travel agencies.

10. Manager of Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing and for growing businesses. Consequently, social media manager is a very successful Halal business concept. This is a good company for you if you are adept at using social media. Here, you must promote and market your clients using their social media accounts. To succeed in this business, you’ll need a strong social media presence in addition to a website and online advertising.

11. Affiliate Promotion

A fantastic Halal business concept is affiliate marketing. You must advertise businesses on your website in order to earn money from each click in this business. For this, you must have a website. You can advertise both Islamic and non-Islamic businesses through affiliate marketing. The essential phrases for this firm are online marketing and publicity. More advertising will appear on your website if it has a good SEO rating.

12. Online data entry

You can start a successful Halal business doing online data input. You will be able to make good profits from this business because there are numerous employment available in this field worldwide. You must market and publicize your business online because it is conducted entirely online. Assignments for data input are available on several internet job boards. You can create an account on such portals.

13. IT Consultant

If you have a degree in computer engineering, an extremely lucrative Halal business idea for you is IT consulting. There is a sizable market for this kind of service, and many Islamic organizations need it. You can offer services like installing and updating software, developing specialized software, cybersecurity, etc. You’ll be able to increase your clientele as an IT consultant by using online and offline marketing, your consultation website, and social media promotion.

14. Muslim matchmakers

Creating an Islamic marriage agency is a successful commercial venture. Finding a good match for the Muslim community, which is dispersed throughout the world, is an excellent business concept. For this type of service, you will require a website that makes matches based on provided profiles. Social media promotion and online advertising are crucial for the expansion of this company.

15. Online dating

The use of dating apps is extremely widespread worldwide. Thus, creating an Islamic dating app is an excellent Halal business venture. You must be well-versed in app development and carefully adhere to Halal standards when creating the app. Your app will become well-known through strategic marketing and online promotion, and you will profit well from it.

16. Clothes Store

A very lucrative Halal business idea is opening a clothing store. Find a decent location for your store and stock it with halal apparel including hijabs, burqas, and other clothing. You could open an online clothing store. For this firm to succeed, effective marketing and widespread awareness are required.

17. Coaching in Life

A very promising Halal business idea is life coaching. You can run a successful life counseling business if you have a pleasant personality, effective communication skills, and a working grasp of Islamic rules and values. You’ll attract more customers through personal connections, word-of-mouth advertising, and intensive marketing.

18. Planning a wedding

Islamic marriages feature distinctive customs and ceremonies. Wedding planning is a fantastic Halal business idea for you if you are fully aware of them. The growth of your wedding planning firm depends on having a website. Additionally, skilled labor must be hired. To succeed as a wedding planner, you must engage in both effective online and offline marketing as well as a lot of advertising.

19. Online instruction

An very promising Halal business idea is online education. You can instruct students in a variety of disciplines, including curriculum-based ones, Arabic, and Quranic concepts. Given the widespread presence of Muslims around the world, there is a very good demand for it. The main need of this business is that you have competence in the area you teach. Publicity and digital marketing are crucial for business growth.

20. Start your own YouTube channel

Today, YouTube channels are hugely popular. A fantastic Halal business idea is to launch an Islamic religion-focused YouTube channel. You will earn more money as your channel’s audience grows. By inviting notable speakers and regular individuals to share their opinions, you may make the content of your channel more intriguing. The notion of starting YouTube channels must have occurred to you. Your channel’s popularity will increase if you share the link to it on social media and other digital platforms.

21. Website design

A extremely successful Halal business idea is web design. You can start this business if you have training in web design. You can receive good revenue from them as many Islamic businesses need to maintain or develop their websites. You must have a website for your business in order to accept orders and payments online. To be a successful web designer, you must have a solid understanding of site content, navigation, and SEO.

22. E-Commerce Enterprise

E-commerce is a highly successful Halal business concept. Through e-commerce, you can sell Halal products such as food, cosmetics, and medicines. The secret to success in the e-commerce industry is a good app, effective warehousing network, and delivery system. The success of your e-commerce firm depends on how much marketing, publicity, and advertising you perform.

23. Podcast

A excellent Halal business concept is to start a podcast about Islamic ideas and philosophy. Your podcast will become more famous and open up opportunities for you to earn more money if it has quality content, modern thinking, and eminent speakers. Your podcast will earn more money for you if you use affiliate marketing or sponsorship.

24. Fashion design, number

If you are a trained or enthusiastic fashion designer, you can start a profitable Halal business. To become a Halal fashion designer, you must closely adhere to Islamic laws governing both men’s and women’s attire. You can make these gowns attractive and fashionable, though, if you use your ideas and creativity.

25. Services in Accounting

An effective home-based business is providing online accounting services. For keeping their accounts structured and systematic, many Islamic business organizations use this service. You can offer this service and make a nice living if you are a licensed accountant.

You must handle tasks like bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, financial report creation, internal auditing, etc. when providing accounting services. You are not permitted to participate in or support unfair or dishonest practices when offering halal services. Your business ought to have a website. Publicity and digital marketing are crucial for increasing sales.

Questions and Answers

Halal Business: What is it?

Any type of entrepreneurial enterprise generating solely halal goods and services, or those allowed by Islamic laws and principles, is referred to as a “halal business.” A Halal business must adhere to the Qur’an or the Hadith, to be more precise.

What are the primary Halal Business types?

Halal businesses fall under several categories, including those that deal with food, drink, medicine, cosmetics, clothes, and services including tourism, accountancy, banking, and finance.

Halal company ventures can operate in a variety of markets and are in high demand. You may succeed in any Halal business idea and grow your company internationally if you have a solid understanding of Islamic law and Halal regulations.

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